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18. nov. 2020

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Komentarjev 100   
Konstantin Pred 5 meseci
20k likes on this video and I will get the car wrapped!!
Anonymous 20 21
Anonymous 20 21 Pred 3 meseci
Get your car wrapped in russian flag on side size of a phone
NodusPlays Pred 5 meseci
TRUTH Express
TRUTH Express Pred 5 meseci
Done rit can't see the wrap
Shawn Lopes
Shawn Lopes Pred 5 meseci
@Konstantin BMW should make u the head of their advertising department
Whipzonwheelz Pred 5 meseci
take it to evolved tints to get wrapped, yianni has enough clout
Armaan Hussain
Armaan Hussain Pred 15 dnevi
Whats the music at 6:10 called??
Jimmy Newtron
Jimmy Newtron Pred mesecem
That car is fucking beautiful
vivek sharma
vivek sharma Pred mesecem
So is this a new car or a Refurbished one ?
PRRCY FNBR Pred 2 meseci
Well earnt
Purab Bhatia
Purab Bhatia Pred 2 meseci
Love from India bro, you’re da real g
Theniceguy Pred 2 meseci
Big up, a hard working man!
Saki 209
Saki 209 Pred 2 meseci
con gratts.. i would have though you would have wanted something with a larger boot for your gear. like a suv
Humy M
Humy M Pred 2 meseci
Ksi didn’t give a shit guess he can buy that car weekly 😂😂
Tommy Clarke
Tommy Clarke Pred 2 meseci
This is this best editing I have ever seen 👌
Gaming Tv Tv
Gaming Tv Tv Pred 2 meseci
I thought he was gon get the Bentley...
Gilles E
Gilles E Pred 2 meseci
Should have got the mercedes... or the lambo... or a dacia duster anything else..
Rishi N
Rishi N Pred 2 meseci
*Forgets about Vik*
Nevin Hattle
Nevin Hattle Pred 2 meseci
Congrats bro
Don P
Don P Pred 2 meseci
Expected something cooler I got clickbaited
Archie jay the frenchie
Time to wrap the car kon mate.
Brian Ngu
Brian Ngu Pred 2 meseci
How much was it?
Isaac Phin Donaldson
Isaac Phin Donaldson Pred 2 meseci
12:02 buys a brand new car and then jumps the curve when parking it.
ItsCrankzz Pred 2 meseci
Why are they surprised with heated seats. My 2000 Golf had heated seats...
ItsCrankzz Pred 2 meseci
@Konstantin lol. Well, I guess your Russian roots has treated you well
Konstantin Pred 2 meseci
I’ve never had heated seats till now 😭
Rhys Townson
Rhys Townson Pred 2 meseci
A saloon on stilts..
Pedram Pred 2 meseci
Omg not even Sport seats
Aspark Deity
Aspark Deity Pred 2 meseci
Wher is Etehan and Veekram?
aesha ali
aesha ali Pred 2 meseci
Can i contact to you
Kim Smith
Kim Smith Pred 2 meseci
Anyone else wondering why JJ was with a paramedic and a weird ninja looking guy😂
Nathan Pred 3 meseci
Congratulations 🎈🎊
Anonymous 20 21
Anonymous 20 21 Pred 3 meseci
Heres my new car in quote i dont want to take the plastic off 1 minute later cinematic in the muddy feild
Ayomikun Adebayo
Ayomikun Adebayo Pred 3 meseci
Love how happy everyone is
jigna bailiff
jigna bailiff Pred 3 meseci
C4PUCC1NO Pred 3 meseci
Proud of u mate
codremastered Harvy
codremastered Harvy Pred 3 meseci
What’s the car?
jesuseyi oyeyemi
jesuseyi oyeyemi Pred 4 meseci
Dmitrijs K
Dmitrijs K Pred 4 meseci
Anybody know what this song is called?
Vongai Chiwade
Vongai Chiwade Pred 4 meseci
The talent you have when it comes to cinematics are INSANE!!
Ubzy Bass
Ubzy Bass Pred 4 meseci
The cinematics remind me of Forza Horizon 4
Green Life Matters
Green Life Matters Pred 4 meseci
The one with the animal 🤣🤣
Sebastian Lazok
Sebastian Lazok Pred 4 meseci
Is this the 2020 one?
Joe Kraut
Joe Kraut Pred 4 meseci
You should have bought a 2018 and save all the depreciation
Konstantin Pred 4 meseci
I got 2016, it had the updated interior that I like and afford aha
TKM Pred 4 meseci
In this one vikstar isn't in this and in the new one Harry isn't here 🥺🥺
The Nguyeners Circle
The Nguyeners Circle Pred 4 meseci
Mans playing Forza Horizon irl
AZWAD SIFAT Pred 4 meseci
Marcus Hart
Marcus Hart Pred 4 meseci
What a legend! Started from the bottom now hes here! Kongrats my guy! Happy holidays~!
Miz Sexy Diva
Miz Sexy Diva Pred 4 meseci
That edit was waveyyyy🔥🔥
X wisdom
X wisdom Pred 4 meseci
Bmw. NOICE. Repair bills tend to be hefty. But hey it's a german luxury car. So I can't see many of them happening.
Custard Doughnuts
Custard Doughnuts Pred 4 meseci
Ultra Obama
Ultra Obama Pred 4 meseci
Been playing too much Forza horizon 🤣
Nav Pred 4 meseci
Cinna Fontane
Cinna Fontane Pred 4 meseci
What happened to Joshes head in the thumbnail?
Hassan Azhar
Hassan Azhar Pred 5 meseci
Erm This Is NOT all the sidemen He missed out Vik I want to see his reaction as well
PHR 29
PHR 29 Pred 5 meseci
Bro this is better than any other car commercial I’ve ever seen lol.
Yas Khan
Yas Khan Pred 5 meseci
when kon wakes up on a cold morning gets in his beamer and realises the dpf has gone. He is gonna wish he had bought a toyota
Brandon Dolphin
Brandon Dolphin Pred 5 meseci
Not a fan of the car. But congratulations nonetheless. But if your old BMW kept breaking down why buy another.....
Konstantin Pred 5 meseci
@Brandon Dolphin fair fair well I ended up doing 113k and every month new things kept popping up
Brandon Dolphin
Brandon Dolphin Pred 5 meseci
@Konstantin 90k miles isnt high milage. A reliable car should comfortably get to 150. My V6 mondeo is at 155k miles and is fine. Not criticising just thought it would put you off buying another as i know it would me.
Konstantin Pred 5 meseci
Well because it had a high mileage and wasn’t In The best condition to begin with when I got it. Compared to this car that also has a guarantee it’s worth it in the long run
Anis Madjid
Anis Madjid Pred 5 meseci
Jj don’t give two shits 🤣🤣
Joseph Sandford Jury
Joseph Sandford Jury Pred 5 meseci
love how gassed this man is
Nasheeds Pred 5 meseci
Kon needs a nice private plate
Konstantin Pred 5 meseci
I can’t think of any that ain’t too cringe
Niels Booij
Niels Booij Pred 5 meseci
6:11 looks like Forza horizon 4 😂
2uShark Pred 5 meseci
umm, where's Vikk??
sausage roll
sausage roll Pred 5 meseci
Atyzgt Pred 5 meseci
When Vikk is not important
Kelvin So
Kelvin So Pred 5 meseci
M power!!
Kamran Bird
Kamran Bird Pred 5 meseci
Callux and Kon have the same voice
Finlay Kennedy
Finlay Kennedy Pred 5 meseci
It's automatic :(
Daniel Stefanovic
Daniel Stefanovic Pred 5 meseci
Spends money on constant repairs on a bmw, gets another bmw to replace it :P atleast its problaly in waranty
Jack Lord
Jack Lord Pred 5 meseci
Same car as me
HiMyNameIsJakeAble Pred 5 meseci
I am so fucking happy for this guy man, honestly
HiMyNameIsJakeAble Pred 5 meseci
liked it so much I acc saved it in my favourites lool
Grand Maken
Grand Maken Pred 5 meseci
Sidemen -2
D̶e̶v̶o̶n _
D̶e̶v̶o̶n _ Pred 5 meseci
You deserve this man you are such a dedicated camera man
Rfia Pred 5 meseci
That’s an absolutely Beautiful car, although I was hoping so badly that it was the Lamborghini Urus
Costel Gripacevschi
Costel Gripacevschi Pred 5 meseci
Bmw are in our blood man. My name is also constantin and im from eastern Europe. Bought my first bmw 2 months ago. Already put 300euros in it and have to put around 2litres of oil every month. But I would never swap it for any other brand
AntMk5 Pred 5 meseci
Personally not a car I’d buy lol it’s a family wagon and slow as fuck haha
xBrudy Pred 5 meseci
thats a nice beamer
LEGENDARY SSS Pred 5 meseci
Best camera man the one and only man who brings us high quality sidemen Sunday
LEGENDARY SSS Pred 5 meseci
Congrats man
Joel Griffin
Joel Griffin Pred 5 meseci
i am Kontent with this Kontent ;D
Reilly Phillips
Reilly Phillips Pred 5 meseci
You deserve this! Also love how gasses all your friends are for you! Is a testament to how you are BTS! Congrats man!
Cowboy Kidd
Cowboy Kidd Pred 5 meseci
12:00 money can’t fix bad parking, he’s a true bmw driver
FBI Pred 5 meseci
"BMW sees this" Next day: Konstantin: this video is sponsored by BMW !!
Nubulas Sherif
Nubulas Sherif Pred 5 meseci
He’s going back to his routes
tolga ergen
tolga ergen Pred 5 meseci
What park / green area was that place wanna do car shoots their
Aiden Gulliford
Aiden Gulliford Pred 5 meseci
JJ “we all win” what a guy!
Rojhat Pred 5 meseci
Mans about to get a 300% cut to his wages
Arran Mcleish
Arran Mcleish Pred 5 meseci
I love Harry
Shawn Buchanan
Shawn Buchanan Pred 5 meseci
I would've said "Is this another Sidemen tax deductable"?
SuckMyDraven Pred 5 meseci
I am fairly certain he can tax deduct it now after this video. Happy for him.
Caseygacha101 Pred 5 meseci
This is my dads car...
Cory Pred 5 meseci
I love how your editing places brands right in your face but it still doesn’t feel in your face somehow, you blend it into the content very cleanly! Good shit kon
A. BRO Pred 5 meseci
Fam BMW should hire him
lynda yardley
lynda yardley Pred 5 meseci
I love it when you also got my favourite train livery with the car
iTz Eljazwi
iTz Eljazwi Pred 5 meseci
Free BMW advertisement ,they better pay you xD
EW CC Pred 5 meseci
This looks like a forza edit. I love it
St Mkm
St Mkm Pred 5 meseci
Your friends should always be happy for you..
Rory Crouch
Rory Crouch Pred 5 meseci
Jhhhhhhheeeeeezzz the b roll is mad
Zaerdna Pred 5 meseci
Meanwhile I'm struggling to save up for a cheap volkswagen
ImpulseFPS Pred 5 meseci
Why is Vik not in this video
Sam Legge
Sam Legge Pred 5 meseci
Pre collection valetor: 👁️👄👁️
The Last Snow
The Last Snow Pred 5 meseci
so gas for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im Trxzii
Im Trxzii Pred 5 meseci
Fully deserved 💯
M M Pred 5 meseci
Congrats! But you gotta stop calling it a “sports car” if it’s the 40d.... just sayin
Martin Nyakes
Martin Nyakes Pred 5 meseci
The quality of this vedio is sick
VENOM OP Pred 5 meseci
Them cinematics tho🔥🔥❤️
NNJX Pred 5 meseci
Yo Konstantin u deserve this car soo much!!! I watched your work on KSI Videos etc. and other things and you deserve this car, Enjoy it as much as you can, and GOD BLESS YOU
Racetofindglitches Pred 5 meseci
Big boy whip!