A Week In The Life Of Filming For The Sidemen 

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In this video, you will see behind the scenes of how we make Sidemen Sunday videos. Meet the crew behind the lens and witness unseen moments from the creators of your favourite videos.
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Official videos that were shot in this vlog...
Sidemen Predict KSI VS Logan Paul: sltv.info/label/hceNmtnIsqyGiqo/video
THE ROAST OF THE SIDEMEN: sltv.info/label/rbyZv8XTnGiepIA/video
SIDEMEN ICE DUNK TANK CHALLENGE: sltv.info/label/oduB0ayjen9unKI/video
SIDEMEN SPEED DATING: sltv.info/label/hLir3qWYr6lwfYw/video
Which of the Sidemen knows Calfreezy the best?: sltv.info/label/nqaSsKzTnZ-ZjXw/video
THE SIDEMEN ANNIVERSARY AWARDS 2019: sltv.info/label/Y8qDsNLUsYGlZoQ/video
SIDEMEN CATEGORIES: sltv.info/label/abKNsrnLe3uNlog/video
HOW THE SIDEMEN MET: sltv.info/label/gdx6n9uphXqAeqY/video
Rolling by Confz - spoti.fi/2YV0tY8



5. nov. 2019

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FNLDN Pred 11 meseci
Legend has it Simon's foot via kons hand is the reason jj won
Sanik Bot
Sanik Bot Pred 3 meseci
Mr_Inqz lol
Fx drip
Fx drip Pred 4 meseci
How is that funny he just said hi
Gabriel Jones
Gabriel Jones Pred 4 meseci
Matthew AVFC lol
Matthew AVFC
Matthew AVFC Pred 5 meseci
Blucky Pred 4 dnevi
can someone tell me where can i find simon's wallpaper on 16:53
slp gaming
slp gaming Pred 6 dnevi
Let's show some love for kon
ATZ Pred 14 dnevi
Andres Alvarez
Andres Alvarez Pred 29 dnevi
Yoooo kon said the n word at 19:03
Shawn Uchiha
Shawn Uchiha Pred mesecem
Nobody: Not even jake pool: Jj: Jesus you’re fit
Nikhil Tiwari
Nikhil Tiwari Pred mesecem
My goodness, this guy is so so so hardworking
King Aragorn Elessar
1 million views. Nice job Kon!
SKLR 17 Pred mesecem
Who’s here on 999k views
yeah yeah
yeah yeah Pred mesecem
wait i feel bad for callux he was nervous
Dadda Ridley
Dadda Ridley Pred mesecem
Man like Kon got WWE on his SLtv feed! I'm impressed!
Dadda Ridley
Dadda Ridley Pred mesecem
Kons logic: I have loads of projects this week so let's do a vlog and create more work LOL
Shyam RC
Shyam RC Pred mesecem
What was vik playing @6:07
Noah lad
Noah lad Pred 2 meseci
Kon better be being paid racks for this lmao
NP Pred 2 meseci
I thought Mo edited the sidemen videos
Crispy Cookie
Crispy Cookie Pred mesecem
Not all
10k Without any videos challenge! !
when Tobi said “wait I need to say bye! BYE!” it was sooo cute :(
BAꓘA Pred 3 meseci
1:53 well well well
Josh Roberts
Josh Roberts Pred 3 meseci
Kon is the most underrated SLtv rout there
Intel HD Graphics Gaming
Ethan's dad? Is that you?
John Murton
John Murton Pred 3 meseci
I wonder how much they make a vid and how much goes out to all the people who help make it eg editors camera men etc
Piyush Pravanjan
Piyush Pravanjan Pred 4 meseci
Kon is the unsung hero of the premium quality videos we are experiencing. Cheers mate❤️
Daniel Frost
Daniel Frost Pred 4 meseci
I need a mate like Kon. He is such a down to earth lovely guy.
Rezwan kashim
Rezwan kashim Pred 4 meseci
"i sea bas" lmfao 7:01
llIusion Pred 4 meseci
The Othersidemen xD
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Pred 4 meseci
Wavy Pred 4 meseci
irish lad
irish lad Pred 4 meseci
7:13 was that a Minecraft pig
1:53 top 10 statements made before distaster
Nicole Pred 4 meseci
HOW is he not ethans brothwr
The Real Owenz
The Real Owenz Pred 4 meseci
kon deserves wayyyyyy more love without him the sidemen most likely wouldn't be where they are today
Blair Lang
Blair Lang Pred 4 meseci
Love your vids I have watched them all 10 times
Sceptical Pred 4 meseci
i love how kon says to talia ' i dont know y your scared your not getting roasted' little did he know
Socket Type
Socket Type Pred 4 meseci
Socket Type
Socket Type Pred 4 meseci
ewan wright
ewan wright Pred 4 meseci
Kon is so underrated as a key part of the sidemen hes super talented
Kayleigh Ruston
Kayleigh Ruston Pred 4 meseci
I love these types of vids
Sneha Magar
Sneha Magar Pred 4 meseci
I am so gassed to see the BTS.... I always wondered who would be behind my favourite SLtv videos... Thank you Kon...😀😀😁🙌
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez Pred 4 meseci
Hey babes
oblivion Pred 4 meseci
i legit thought u were ethan's brother
BeastZain10 Pred 4 meseci
We need to get Kon to 1mil subs he deserves it!
ThatOneMemeBoi Pred 4 meseci
I wish i were a skilled as Kon
Isaac brooks
Isaac brooks Pred 4 meseci
how much does he get payed?
Theo Boss
Theo Boss Pred 4 meseci
Theo Boss
Theo Boss Pred 4 meseci
Well am I the only one who feels like Harry should move to London but at the same time stay at Guernsey
grace w
grace w Pred 4 meseci
ayoub bilakya
ayoub bilakya Pred 4 meseci
Let's get kon to 1mill guys c mon we can do this✊🏼
Lord Pred 4 meseci
Not all heroes wear capes the mans literally help us going thru quarantine
Akshay Krishna
Akshay Krishna Pred 4 meseci
here from JJ’s latest Reddit video, let’s get Kon to a Mil.
Sarshaar Verma
Sarshaar Verma Pred 4 meseci
6:05 was vikk playing clash of clans
Morpheus Pubg
Morpheus Pubg Pred 4 meseci
Oi kon i rate you bro
Moonz -
Moonz - Pred 4 meseci
I can't lie i love this guy man 😭😭😭😭😭 ur gf is bloody lucky
MS7Games Pred 4 meseci
Lol they were so mean to kon 😂
Lucy Lugsden
Lucy Lugsden Pred 4 meseci
Kon deserves so much more credit !
Troy Sudarto
Troy Sudarto Pred 5 meseci
Shoutout Kon, his stuff is so high quality and not appreciated enough.
Wiktoria Barczewska
Wiktoria Barczewska Pred 5 meseci
so sidemen roast was filmd before dunk tank
sern chicken nugget
sern chicken nugget Pred 5 meseci
Best best p✨✨
Mohammed Abid
Mohammed Abid Pred 5 meseci
Nobody understands how hard he works
Cheng Express
Cheng Express Pred 5 meseci
What's the song at the very beginning of the video?
Dylan 04
Dylan 04 Pred 5 meseci
I always forgot all the work and travelling taht goes into these bideos
Kinkla Apela
Kinkla Apela Pred 5 meseci
The Sidemen bullying Kon for making a BTS video.
Mohamud Jibril
Mohamud Jibril Pred 5 meseci
10:13-10:33 Song?
chad davis
chad davis Pred 5 meseci
I need help. What song is at the end ?
Cassie Pred 4 meseci
Rolling by Confz
Matthew Johnston
Matthew Johnston Pred 5 meseci
0:34 Hits different now
Spencer Wood
Spencer Wood Pred 5 meseci
7:00 "I sea bass"
Thomas Ordish
Thomas Ordish Pred 5 meseci
It’s great seeing how much production quality goes into the sidemen videos!
Ghanim Alfadli
Ghanim Alfadli Pred 5 meseci
1:52 that aged well...
Owen bolger
Owen bolger Pred 5 meseci
Dang i didn’t realise how much work went into these sidemen video’s
Amy Louise
Amy Louise Pred 5 meseci
I love how Kon takes Kirsty with him to the shoots 🥺🥺❤️❤️
Sam Pred mesecem
She’s a photographer/videographer too
Unicornbeetroot1 Pred 5 meseci
We should all thank kon
M P Pred 5 meseci
14:30 Oi JJ gg my man
snork ops gang
snork ops gang Pred 5 meseci
This is the content I've been waiting for!
Hamed AL-Duaij
Hamed AL-Duaij Pred 5 meseci
Hamed AL-Duaij
Hamed AL-Duaij Pred 5 meseci
FHSA Pred 5 meseci
I didn't really realize this much went into videos like the dunk tank
JOBBY Pred 5 meseci
Kon does so much more than people think
Rahul Thirumala
Rahul Thirumala Pred 5 meseci
Vik is always on his phone
Natasha Jackson
Natasha Jackson Pred 5 meseci
This was actually so good, so interesting to see how the sidemen's videos are filmed i love watching them! Thanks for sharing x
Neel Patel
Neel Patel Pred 5 meseci
I left a like because of tobi
JimmySaville Pred 5 meseci
Magma Fang
Magma Fang Pred 5 meseci
6:04 is vik playing clash of clans
Danial Brian
Danial Brian Pred 5 meseci
Kon is like the sidemen director
Ismail Khan
Ismail Khan Pred 5 meseci
We dont realise the effort you put into this thesevideos wouldn't be as good with out you and the others
Izz Danial
Izz Danial Pred 5 meseci
Imagine editing the 2 hours sidemen holiday, mad respect for you
Daniel Griggs
Daniel Griggs Pred 5 meseci
This is such an interesting video. Never knew how much went in to each video they make.
Valcore Divert
Valcore Divert Pred 5 meseci
Hard worker
Ayuub Muse
Ayuub Muse Pred 5 meseci
What did he say at 19:02
No Name
No Name Pred 5 meseci
Dang I didn’t know Kon put in such work! You are very hardworking and deserve more credit for the work you do
Dry Puddles
Dry Puddles Pred 5 meseci
I feel like the sidemen lowkey bully con and Bts men
DWYL Pred 5 meseci
Bruh kon is an actual living legend
Suraj G
Suraj G Pred 5 meseci
I rate you soooo much man
no Comment
no Comment Pred 5 meseci
This man recorded him recording lol
A wolfs Night sky
A wolfs Night sky Pred 5 meseci
#stop kon abuse
Nebality Pred 6 meseci
How long does it take him to edit geez🔥
2huugo Pred 6 meseci
i never realised how big the team behind the sidemen videos are
Jake Pearson
Jake Pearson Pred 6 meseci
JJ: jesus you are fit Me: he's right ya know
Kiera De Courcy
Kiera De Courcy Pred 6 meseci
11:41 💘
NII T. Pred 6 meseci
Ngl, this is hella cool for me. Seeing the set up and behind the scenes and pre video socializing is amazing!
Samuel Harwood
Samuel Harwood Pred 6 meseci
Josh predicted KS1
Humble Pred 6 meseci
Kon looks like he hasn't slept for days.
Rotterdam West
Rotterdam West Pred 6 meseci
Are you bezinga his brother?
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