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Pc was a custom built from PC Specialist
Nanoleaf Lights: amzn.to/2SbfWyF
Nanoleaf Remote: amzn.to/2SehYOn
Elgato Key Light: amzn.to/2Sfzpy5
Speakers: amzn.to/2BIT3gk
Skull: amzn.to/2EktAMc
Microphone: amzn.to/2NhEu8f
FitBit Watch Charger: amzn.to/2GDWDN2
Lights behind monitor: amzn.to/2GA8Fai
Alexa: amzn.to/2BKBr3H ( To control lights )
Mouse: amzn.to/2BMk8PV
Keyboard: bit.ly/2SNZpWh
Mouse Pad: amzn.to/2Sf9BlC
Desk: bit.ly/2tu9ys7
Monitor: amzn.to/2GATKwm
Monitor Mount: amzn.to/2SO4xtv
USB Reader: amzn.to/2GBc5cL
Anker PowerPort: amzn.to/2GA5kbg
Anker Wireless Charger: amzn.to/2Vb7HEK
5% OFF with this link: www.gtomegaracing.com/gt-omega-master-xl-racing-office-chair-black-leather?tracking=KonKon

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20. feb. 2019

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Kingz Hyper
Kingz Hyper Pred mesecem
This setup is so Sick👍
Kieth Zephyr Gamboa
Kieth Zephyr Gamboa Pred 2 meseci
You have a very nice place
Charlie Catton
Charlie Catton Pred 3 meseci
Anyone know that song at 4:33
Andrei Enciso
Andrei Enciso Pred 4 meseci
does anyone know the outro song?
S4mfx Pred 5 meseci
How did u make the intro?
Paul Frent
Paul Frent Pred 9 meseci
I like how the whole video is very aesthetically pleasing with a bunch of nice cinema and then there's 9:28.
Konstantin Pred 9 meseci
Paul Frent 😂😂 last min outros
Tapiwa Muza
Tapiwa Muza Pred letom
Heaney_S Pred letom
Donate me a pc thanks ❤️😂😂
Exploit-BasiM Pred letom
I think The cinematic in Randolph's diss track was Shot infront of those nano lights hmmm
Konstantin Pred letom
yup they were
ThatGuyJack Pred letom
No pc spec?
Andrew De
Andrew De Pred letom
But your videos still suck, lol
lorenzo2349 Pred letom
Great video, unbelievably good edited and filmed!
Annsar Arts
Annsar Arts Pred letom
Luv that setup ...kee p it u p........
Siddiq Pred letom
Priyaj Singh
Priyaj Singh Pred letom
he such a nice and humble guy
EthamAFC Pred letom
This set up is orgasmic🤤🤤🤤
Tom Norfolk
Tom Norfolk Pred letom
Digitz Pred letom
This channel is so underrated
Davies Vlogs
Davies Vlogs Pred letom
I need a desk. copping it. safe kon
Ella Lewis
Ella Lewis Pred letom
Im jelous......
iKonikqt Pred letom
Single monitor peasant life.
IA king
IA king Pred letom
Y is kon so underrated...he deserves more
Kieran Pred letom
You should make a series giving opinions on people’s instagrams and edits , just a cool idea
Aden Willis
Aden Willis Pred letom
Is your birthday apr 5 if so so is mine
Kaura2X Pred letom
no xlr mic???
n n
n n Pred letom
Amazing video Kon. Jheeze that setup is amazing btw 😂 enjoy your day 😃
Hydrate your self
ngl thought kon was ethans brother for months
Roubelc Pred letom
I did aswell
Ohnakaplays Pred letom
CM.ACTIVE I thought that for about 2 years, lol
Hydrate Pred letom
Omg same legit thought that for ages 😂
Gruiz Ádám
Gruiz Ádám Pred letom
What editing prog do u use to make videos? :)
EjitWebDesign Pred letom
So what PC is that?
Louis Jones
Louis Jones Pred letom
Hey bro, what are the specs for that beastly pc you have there?
kush lunawath
kush lunawath Pred letom
How to edit videos please
Gabriel Pred letom
What was the Pc specs
KIRBY Pred letom
I uploaded a video of my budget editing setup. It's a cinematic video!
Leo Hautanen
Leo Hautanen Pred letom
That intro tho... U a fan of Peter McKinnon, eh?
Conor Moore
Conor Moore Pred letom
Weird flex but ok
AJ Hawley
AJ Hawley Pred letom
Kon i love the way you film. I am a young Filmmaker myself and watching your videos only make me want to learn from you.
Dan Lack
Dan Lack Pred letom
You didn't specify your pc specs at the end of the vid like you said you would, clickbait!
BonkerzT Pred letom
his got the same pc case as me
Bonsu The Tiger
Bonsu The Tiger Pred letom
Any editing tips for Camtasia?
Bonsu The Tiger
Bonsu The Tiger Pred letom
yobryse Pred letom
this is absolutely amazing bro. the set up of my dreams. Haha you got my sub. btw how did you do that fish eye shot? when you were furnishing you house
Teddie Luckett
Teddie Luckett Pred letom
unknownuser Pred letom
Is it me or is there two of him??? 1:16
DJAMZ Y Pred letom
it was an edit bro
best setup i've ever seen hands down 🙌🙌
Dylan Pred letom
Why didn't you get the nano canvas
Harvey Harwood
Harvey Harwood Pred letom
The setup is dead. If you are editing videos you should at least use a Tangent Ripple or PalletGear... And only one monitor?
Christian Hayes
Christian Hayes Pred letom
R u Ethan’s brother
Sid P
Sid P Pred letom
No PC specs :( Also are you running single channel memory with an i9?
Tom Stephenson
Tom Stephenson Pred 5 meseci
its dual
OverAverrage Pred letom
I didn’t get this in sub box
Fluf Pred letom
ew, i9
Chris Ivanov
Chris Ivanov Pred letom
That's amazing I'm trying to be an editor as well and I really enjoyed your thing as how you set up/change up the full room XD anyways I hope you post more frequently and you are just amazing and really nice person. Also, I just want to ask do you edit most of the sidemens vids and is it just the sidemen's channels them two that they post altogether or do you edit other peoples as well if so, please tell me like 3 of them TNX
Awais Awan
Awais Awan Pred letom
I wish you were my editer
Colossal Big D
Colossal Big D Pred letom
Good to know true Geordie pays you more than he pays Lawrence
The Weird Food Guy
i wish i could afford shit like this, the things i could do
h f
h f Pred letom
This is my favourite video of yours keep it up👍🏻
OwningJigsaw Pred letom
Amazing video man!
Abdullah Sher
Abdullah Sher Pred letom
I love these types of vids
dawod Pred letom
what are the specs of the pc
Sam Washer
Sam Washer Pred letom
If Kon hearts this I’ll dab on them haters
THE DAWN Pred letom
I want to be like you haha 🔥
SXTH CDH Pred letom
Crazy setup man! and the apartments looking nice! Its good to hear that even an editor finds editing boring every once in a while as well XD
Andile Bekker
Andile Bekker Pred letom
How tf did you turn a set up tour into a music video?!
LIPPO Plays Pred letom
Weird flex but ok
hartej sanhotra
hartej sanhotra Pred letom
Lydon Green
Lydon Green Pred letom
your welcome Kon and keep up the good videos Kon.
EJ6GamesYT Pred letom
Weird flex but ok
Archie Perry
Archie Perry Pred letom
What do you know about starting from scratch you got lucky one day when you met big shaq
Declan Guest
Declan Guest Pred letom
What’s the outro song
Rick Antia
Rick Antia Pred letom
kon we have the same mouse pad
BreadHead Pred letom
Great vid
Jstar 333
Jstar 333 Pred letom
That like ratio is amazing 😂 Kon is a don
Camsgfx_ Pred letom
*clicks link for nanoleaf lights* *sees they're £200* *clicks off*
Fieldy Pred letom
mmmm the widescreen monitor is too nice man
Sebastian Pred letom
Outro song ? Great vid btw
Tom Pred letom
Great video, your content is so interesting. It would be great for an editing tutorial but if you don’t have time then that’s fine.
Dan Wilson
Dan Wilson Pred letom
What was the Iwatch charger or stand called?
Konstantin Pred letom
It was a charger for a FitBit Versa!
Robbie Weekes
Robbie Weekes Pred letom
So sick how your setup goes into that little room thingy
ChrisHeath Pred letom
Where did you get the algebra effect from? Thanks
omar sheriff
omar sheriff Pred letom
U should have more subscribers than pewdiepie
owen jones
owen jones Pred letom
Beast merch
Dmitry Trofimov
Dmitry Trofimov Pred letom
Костя, Почему видео набирают так мало просмотров. I couldn’t realize how SLtv algorithm works. You have a really good quality videos
Konstantin Pred letom
Who knows! I've not uploaded in a while so maybe that.
hadi Pred letom
always fun watching your videos specially all these cool editing stuff I have two questions ( I hope you see them 😁) : 1- do you recommend that mic I been looking at it for while ? 2- does these usb 3.0 hubs actually give you usb 3.0 speed cause I bought one but not this brand and its bad ?
hadi Pred letom
@Konstantin Thank you so much
Konstantin Pred letom
Mic is amazing would fully recommend. The usb hub is ok but if you want it to operate multiple devices at full speeds you may need to connect it to a power plug ( some USB hubs come with them! ) I also have a second USB hub that provides super fast speeds for my faster SD cards. Search for UHS-II
Bx21 Official
Bx21 Official Pred letom
He used a ksi song that he have to make a video
107 !
107 ! Pred letom
Where does it say the PC specs
Jayneel Parekh
Jayneel Parekh Pred letom
Kon could you collab with Magnus Midtbo...He is a climber (climbing often results in cool-looking shots)!
Raunak Chaudhuri
Raunak Chaudhuri Pred letom
Seeing your work ethic and how you've progressed, I've pursued video editing, photography, and tech myself, would love to have a set up like yours one day
Joel Davies
Joel Davies Pred letom
"those Nano Leaf panels look cool" (Checks amazon) [Suffers heart attack]
JumpedPoseidon Pred letom
This setup is sick!! And you’re editing is just 🔥 keep it up Kon!!
John Mutembei
John Mutembei Pred letom
damn your space is sick man
Luke Blackburn
Luke Blackburn Pred letom
I guarantee this setup is not worth 10k, its just a round up and SUB TO PEWDIEPIE
Lorraine Beirne
Lorraine Beirne Pred letom
Con is the best cameraman/editor
Alex Bartlett
Alex Bartlett Pred letom
Can u get the nano leafs cheaper?😂
Dean HD
Dean HD Pred letom
I can only recommend the nanoleafs. The setup takes a little while but the endproduct is really sick
Jaden Pred letom
Buy me this list
Spencer Techy
Spencer Techy Pred letom
Can you do a video on you editing a full sidemen Sunday video?
Lee Lawlor
Lee Lawlor Pred letom
You are sick at editing an all but maybe abit to much like music and stuff x
Randolph Pred letom
You legit used every part of Red Alert besides my hook and verse. WOW. Claiming this vid.
Niall Smith
Niall Smith Pred letom
randolph xD behave
DANNY Pred letom
Inventous Pred letom
Randolph sup I love you
MattJL Pred letom
New diss track from Randolph “copyright” *points down camera for thumnail* 😂
RE BRANDING Pred letom
Masib Ulla Khan
Masib Ulla Khan Pred letom
Nice crep.
RedDevil21 Pred letom
seeing you so happy and excited cheers me on
Leonard Pred letom
This setup is madddd
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