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27. nov. 2019

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VJP Pred 10 meseci
Made 25p off a picture. It was my first picture to! But I think it takes a year to get all the pictures and footage up and running then you get the benefits in the long term.
Kuame Spybes
Kuame Spybes Pred 3 meseci
Where do use sell them?
Davide Areias
Davide Areias Pred 4 meseci
@Erlandukaz 59$ for a fk instagram like counter my dude that's absolute insane I can find that on the net in 5 mins
Erlandukaz Pred 4 meseci
@Özgün Ç. Pınarbaşı this guy wants way too much for this shit
Özgün Ç. Pınarbaşı
Jamie Demery
Jamie Demery Pred 17 dnevi
Real Fontana
Paul Malachowski
Paul Malachowski Pred mesecem
Great video, Your video clips are Beautiful. Excellent film skills, I Wish you well With Your movie making.
Franklin Michael
Franklin Michael Pred mesecem
A week is not nearly enough, you should make an update at like 6 or 12 months. I have clips that have made over 400 dollars but didn’t sell in the first year. It’s a waiting game.
Wesley Eland
Wesley Eland Pred mesecem
Do you have a update on how much you earned with the stock videos? I'm locking into stock and perhaps doing it.
takemeaway Pred mesecem
1:58 her Instagram please 🌛
Max Pred mesecem
a kon video wouldn’t be a kon video without squarespace
Roblox Lover
Roblox Lover Pred mesecem
If you only care about the money go to 8:56
Furkan Çelik
Furkan Çelik Pred mesecem
Alexplays Pred mesecem
Am i the only one who saw the white fin of a shark at 7:35
S. Greshan
S. Greshan Pred 2 meseci
0:22 Sri Lankan airlines Anyone from Sri Lanka...like here
Jonas Bl1tz3n
Jonas Bl1tz3n Pred 2 meseci
where's the update? did i just watch 10 Minutes and do not get answered what you can actually make with stock footage???
Nathanael Memis
Nathanael Memis Pred 2 meseci
Just got a weird ad
GRE Tutoring Club Live
Any update on income? At least the trip would be tax deductible. I'm sure there is plenty of need for video of scenese closer to home next time ... although wouldn't be as fun.
Gheno Pred 2 meseci
He didn't. He ends the videos saying a week wasn't enough an he'll be back with an update.
Shabaz Ahmed
Shabaz Ahmed Pred 2 meseci
He made zero money.
Joe Tito
Joe Tito Pred 2 meseci
Ever try using @t? It's a cool service that uploads your stock videos to multiple agencies for you. It's free to use, they only take a small % when video clips sell.
ALEKSONEARTH Pred 2 meseci
whats that small trippod youre using?
juu Pred 2 meseci
8:52 enjoy
Radalz Pred 2 meseci
Dem pics be looking sick
iKyroja Pred 2 meseci
I guess you didn't get sex :D
DrDoomz Pred 2 meseci
Epic video kon, watching it sort of helped me with how to get good angles. Keep up with the amazing work. :D
Ice Blast
Ice Blast Pred 2 meseci
Now do this but for animation reference! You will make serious cash! Everybody in that industry searches ages for the perfect reference!
Jonathan Heres
Jonathan Heres Pred 3 meseci
I do stock footage (and photos) ... Clips may take a bit longer to sell , but after some of them start ranking in the search the become constant sellers with good returns. I currently have around 300 clips that rank in around 500-600 usd a month. Cheers!
Pakistan Stock Footage
Hi, hope you are doing great. I wanted to know what these license terms mean on Pond5: Individual License Enterprise Custom License Enterprise Standard License Custom License GPP Thanks
Anthony Rushworth
Anthony Rushworth Pred 3 meseci
Forget about It
Forget about It Pred 3 meseci
Who just got it on recommended
banterlona Pred 2 meseci
Kate Scott
Kate Scott Pred 3 meseci
What’s up with all the ads on this video? Enjoyed the actual vid tho
Stanley Wiggins
Stanley Wiggins Pred 3 meseci
Thus vid was posted in my birthday, no way!!!
Bando Bandit
Bando Bandit Pred 3 meseci
With stock you really need to think of specific buyers and make quite specific content. If it's too generic then you'll be competing with too many other clips.
Bando Bandit
Bando Bandit Pred 3 meseci
Think concept rather than visually pretty
Scott Hendry
Scott Hendry Pred 3 meseci
Where's the update? How much did you make? I need to know! I feel empty inside now.
_Mossy_ Pred 3 meseci
That's it I'm quitting my job
Just Mike Plays
Just Mike Plays Pred 3 meseci
Was there an update on this?
ice turle
ice turle Pred 3 meseci
Aww do an update for this could add a new set up leave it a couple weeks and see what you have made off the original stock then if further money was made from the new set
brokkTFT Pred 3 meseci
They could’ve just come to this video and screen recorded the clips in the video lol
Noah Sprunk
Noah Sprunk Pred 4 meseci
Need updating on this! Quick, easy video.
Dave Pred 4 meseci
Think the bird was a heroin?
JustAsmund Pred 4 meseci
What is the song at 7:30?
Mankirat Kharoud
Mankirat Kharoud Pred 4 meseci
9:00 thank me later
Jxcob1 Pred 4 meseci
The beautiful life before corona uck
Safet Huskic
Safet Huskic Pred 4 meseci
9:37 Ok it's time for an update
Rhys Williams
Rhys Williams Pred 4 meseci
6:05 Mission failed, we'll get em next time
Archie Breed
Archie Breed Pred 4 meseci
10th K like :)) love you kon
Faahu Abdullah
Faahu Abdullah Pred 4 meseci
Am I the only Maldivian 🇲🇻 here?
Help me reach 1000 subs without any videos
how much did he make?
FlipTricks76 Pred 4 meseci
I’ve been clickbated
C0nN05 Pred 4 meseci
Niels Potier
Niels Potier Pred 4 meseci
You should do a collaboration with Olie (mumbo).
LIQUID KY Pred 4 meseci
We never got an update
ArchieSucksAtLife Pred 4 meseci
The bird was a heron
Hussain Yameen Ali
Hussain Yameen Ali Pred 4 meseci
hay I am from the MALDIVES
Lucas Emery
Lucas Emery Pred 4 meseci
Kon is the GOAT cinematographer and photographer
Lidl Pie
Lidl Pie Pred 4 meseci
At least the title wasn't clickbait.
Alex Mackenzie
Alex Mackenzie Pred 4 meseci
Is it just me or did anyone else get an Adobe stock advert whilst watching this video
Fionn Doogan
Fionn Doogan Pred 4 meseci
Nothing Well tha was a waste of time
RobT 398
RobT 398 Pred 4 meseci
The bird needs to give it's permission dude
Thomas Milo
Thomas Milo Pred 5 meseci
damnnnn the insane clickbait. I wasn't expecting 34k but I definitely wasn't expecting 0 p's
Josh Ramsay
Josh Ramsay Pred 5 meseci
an insane plot twist
Ben Greene
Ben Greene Pred 5 meseci
Only Kon could make 10 minute video from Maldives
MithrandilPlays Pred 5 meseci
Yo 7:34 bruhh the shark tho
Young Wizzy
Young Wizzy Pred 5 meseci
Us too right lmao
Sagar Varsani
Sagar Varsani Pred 5 meseci
Yo what's the update on this?
W Ø L F M Ø Ø N Pred 5 meseci
you should be a photographer!!
Dodger 77
Dodger 77 Pred 5 meseci
I could just screenshot the shots in the video
teeZ Pred 5 meseci
that would be illegal
teeZ Pred 5 meseci
Malkesh Vaghela
Malkesh Vaghela Pred 5 meseci
Hey Kon, I was really interested to see what you made now on that stock footage. Please do an update to this video. Thanks, love the content :)
brett smy
brett smy Pred 5 meseci
What’s the song at the end of this video
Its tutis
Its tutis Pred 5 meseci
Whats the girls @
teeZ Pred 5 meseci
oh yeah cuz ur gonna pull her shutup man 🤣🤣🤣
otegadamagic Pred 5 meseci
*Click bait!* Not good.
Declan Pred 5 meseci
Was that number meant to be blurred
Gxated OT
Gxated OT Pred 5 meseci
Who’s watching this in quarantine?🤣
Naushad Pred 5 meseci
Yo Kon.. I'm from the maldives.. if u need better deals from maldivian resorts.. lemme know.. I don't want no commission or anything.. just wanna help because I work in the tourism industry and just wanna help. Yeah? Hit me up!
Naushad Pred 5 meseci
@Konstantin ohh ok bro.. lemme know. Appreciate the work u do for the sidemen and iv been a sidemen fan since 5 years ago I think. Haha.. love the creativity, keep it up. It gives the vids so much ummff 😂 ✌️bro.. be safe!
Konstantin Pred 5 meseci
Morgan that was Meeru island
Naushad Pred 5 meseci
@Konstantin aight bro.. hit me up! Btw which resort is this? Looks like bandos.. but not sure.
Konstantin Pred 5 meseci
Morgan after lockdown I’d love to again
Jared Clark
Jared Clark Pred 5 meseci
SEE atleast your paid promotion is YOU saying the paid promotion and you literally have it say "PAID PROMOTION" lol that's why your videos are the best on the tube bro bro
S.S Winkel
S.S Winkel Pred 5 meseci
kirsty would make a few quid on onlyfans! cracking bangers
Gabriel Pred 5 meseci
sltv.info/label/Y7V_m6K4e3WjZ5A/video love this kon it is so lit
Kirk Watson
Kirk Watson Pred 6 meseci
Great wee vid. I'm just starting on this journey I think like heaps of filmmakers without work just now with this virus as stock footage sites clamping down on the amount you can upload lol.
BarTech TV
BarTech TV Pred 6 meseci
Nice video. Unfortunately there are literally tens of thousands of clips of beaches and palm trees, so they're next to impossible to sell. If someone types "palm tree beach" into shutterstock they get almost 100,000 clips - 96 pages with 100 clips on each page. Clips that sell regularly are going to be listed first by the algorithm, with your clips probably languishing around page 70 or 80. The chances of a buyer looking looking for a palm tree on a beach clicking through 700 pages of clips to find yours and buy it over the other 95,000 clips already there are astronomically low. Also, you'd need a property release for those villas, signed by the owner of the property, otherwise they'd have to be submitted as editorial only. It's incredibly difficult to even break even selling stock video today. I'd say you need 10,000 high quality 4K clips minimum, and clips that have people in them, along with appropriate model releases, sell an awful lot more that clips without people.
Fokke Baarssen
Fokke Baarssen Pred 7 meseci
Özgün Ç. Pınarbaşı
Svetlozar Hristov
Svetlozar Hristov Pred 7 meseci
Why the clickbait thumbnail?
Ahanu Casey
Ahanu Casey Pred 8 meseci
4:36: Logan Before 4:37: Logan Now
Aleksi From Moscow
Aleksi From Moscow Pred 8 meseci
7:34 there be a shark just chillin
mpants Pred mesecem
Fira Boss some sharks are chill
Fira Boss
Fira Boss Pred 2 meseci
Wtf i saw them . So u swim there ,your eaten?
Nunzio Fofone
Nunzio Fofone Pred 3 meseci
Shaun Letang
Shaun Letang Pred 8 meseci
Hey Kon, interesting video. Any update on stock footage earnings a couple months in? I'm guessing you need to upload with good keywords to get found, and maybe even do a bit of manual promotion to get the algorithm suggesting you. Not sure how it works on stock sites, know there's a lot of competition too. Maybe moving away from the saturated video styles and going more niche may give better results? Do videos of the things that companies definitely want but are in low supply. Carve out a niche. Would love to see you do a video on that. Would likely involve using people though.
Conner LaPointe
Conner LaPointe Pred 8 meseci
Anyone else see the black tip reef shark behind the bird?
Grayson Hinkle
Grayson Hinkle Pred 8 meseci
That was cool. You got footage of a blacktip reef shark with the bird!!
PG Tips
PG Tips Pred 9 meseci
Hi have you made any money yet?
Ed HS Pred 9 meseci
Can you please do a list of the best copyright free music to use for stock footbage/vlogs. Great video!!
Banana Squad
Banana Squad Pred 9 meseci
7:36 shark?
MONSTER X GAMING Pred 9 meseci
Im from Maldives
MONSTER X GAMING Pred 9 meseci
Aka maldivian
mayrln Pred 10 meseci
kon the type of dude to make money from a holiday.
Andrive Pred 10 meseci
5:59 lol look at the guy in the back when he heard the conversation
KevinPlayz Roblox
KevinPlayz Roblox Pred 10 meseci
2:05 - “Blue skies, no clouds” Mhm.. I see no clouds.. huh.
Andrive Pred 10 meseci
No more dark clouds
Gaming Lunatic
Gaming Lunatic Pred 10 meseci
that sri lankan airline's logo
Kyle Camacho
Kyle Camacho Pred 10 meseci
I've made more than $1500 in stock photos... but it took 2 years to get up to that amount and some really specialized photos.
Kyle Camacho
Kyle Camacho Pred 10 meseci
You should've captured following behind your lady walking down the dock in slow motion in her sunhat and her turning back to flash you a smile... that would've been stock footage gold (and could be used in a bunch of different commercials)... but that would require a gimbal or steadycam and her model release.
Shaun Diz
Shaun Diz Pred 10 meseci
Makes me want to upgrade my phone to an iPhone 11 Max and just start filming all the time.
Joe Ratcliffe
Joe Ratcliffe Pred 10 meseci
Mate when I went to the Maldives they said I couldn’t take my drone up but I did and at least 4 times they saw me with it, setting it up or landing it and they didn’t say nothing, but I got some really sick shots 👌🤙🏼
otegadamagic Pred 5 meseci
You shouldn't be doing that.
Konstantin Pred 10 meseci
Dam I should of done it anyway
hrishiv Pred 10 meseci
what headphones does he have does anyone know?
Alcatraz Moab
Alcatraz Moab Pred 10 meseci
Why are you deceiving me with your thumbnail.. like i would have still watched this video if it just said “How much you can make selling stock footage for a week” but you went with your title + a miss leading thumbnail that makes atleast me think you mad some money (or alot) and wait for this point in the video only to get basically told: “Oh sorry didn’t work.”
ParadiseVintageStore Pred 10 meseci
gonna try this out! Where do i put it for max revenue
Iman Z
Iman Z Pred 10 meseci
sew finlly gought sum gud wevva
Glenn Taylor
Glenn Taylor Pred 10 meseci
Drinking Game: Take a shot every time he says shot!
Apple Event - October 13
Apple Event - October 13