I Used An App to Find The BEST Photography Spots 

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Head to www.squarespace.com/konstantin
to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code KONSTANTIN
I tried to use a phone app to see if I can find any good photography spots around London.
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21. feb. 2020

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Skilla FC
Skilla FC Pred 4 dnevi
I remember having idea of this kind of app years ago, but didn't find anything like it. Finally someone made this. Definitely gonna download this!
Mix content Aka Rehmat channel
Which camera did you use
Ethan Leadbeater
Ethan Leadbeater Pred 3 meseci
This doesnt have all locations like im from manchester and cant actually find any spots cause it aint a location on it
About 73 Mexicans
About 73 Mexicans Pred 3 meseci
Please, please, please do a tutorial on how you edited these photos or release the present! I would 100% pay for this!
OMIDA Pred 4 meseci
The most underated content creator, deserves so much more!
PINX’S Vlogs
PINX’S Vlogs Pred 5 meseci
This mans videos r truly amazing 🔥🔥🔥 who says cameramen can’t belong in front of a camera 💕🔥💕🔥 much love kon
fadil shefi
fadil shefi Pred 6 meseci
Gonna try this in Dubai,Thanks Kon
Graeme Harrison
Graeme Harrison Pred 6 meseci
Amazing vid!
dyln Pred 7 meseci
Found this app a couple of months ago and there is only one place in my country.
Jimmy Palmer
Jimmy Palmer Pred 7 meseci
Get The Sidemen Down To Blackpool Pleasure Beach For A Video Please, also huge fan you inspired me to start making content
Kyle Buchan
Kyle Buchan Pred 7 meseci
Wow! Great pics
Khaleel Patel
Khaleel Patel Pred 7 meseci
Is the Spots on Android? Can't seem to find it
Jack Blissett
Jack Blissett Pred 7 meseci
Kon would you ever consider working on a shoot with another SLtv producer/photographer. For example Mumbo ? Or even just meeting up in a location and seeing what photography / film ideas you can create in that area ? I think it would be so interesting to watch
Mitchell Birkbeck
Mitchell Birkbeck Pred 7 meseci
What camera do you use kon
Advey Rastogi
Advey Rastogi Pred 7 meseci
Gonna try this in Hong Kong !
iLLvZN Pred 8 meseci
I beg someone tell me what does he use to edit these pictures, even pictures he takes of josh on instagram are 🔥. Someome tell me the app or whatever he uses
Konstantin Pred 8 meseci
10timmsy Pred 8 meseci
At 3:23 can you explain how you do that effect
Sahir Mohammed
Sahir Mohammed Pred 5 meseci
It's burst shot you can convert it into gifs
Max Aaron
Max Aaron Pred 8 meseci
Kon clean ya videocamera sensor lol
Konstantin Pred 8 meseci
I knowwwww so annoying haha
Martin Hall
Martin Hall Pred 8 meseci
could you so a video on how you colorgrade your photos
Chxrlie SB
Chxrlie SB Pred 8 meseci
9 dislikes wow
itsnotshaniece Pred 8 meseci
saw you this morning, didn't know to say hi or not 😄🤣
itsnotshaniece Pred 8 meseci
Konstantin haha x hopefully next time x 🖤
Konstantin Pred 8 meseci
shanxece x should of!
Shad Zana
Shad Zana Pred 8 meseci
Kon, could you do a what's in my camerabag/gear i use video please
sunflower Pred 8 meseci
Would love to see you edit the pictures!
Mr irritable ceej
Mr irritable ceej Pred 8 meseci
How You've Not Hit The 1 Million Marker Is Unreal. Your Content is Phenomenal
Rhys Cunningham
Rhys Cunningham Pred 8 meseci
This video just is abit of madness ⭕⭕🥵
tenzin choewang
tenzin choewang Pred 8 meseci
You are awesome Kon, i get to learn a lot!
Declan Dowo
Declan Dowo Pred 8 meseci
Great vid kon
hrishiv Pred 8 meseci
yeah an issue is I don't live in London
Tayeb Pred 8 meseci
Kon make a video using the S20 ultra and try getting the best pictures "photographer only uses S20 ultra for a week"
Dingani Alexander
Dingani Alexander Pred 4 meseci
Nah pixel 4
Xplorography Pred 8 meseci
How did you make the pop up animations for your instagram??
Zoë Kuijpers
Zoë Kuijpers Pred 8 meseci
I took some great pictures here with my iPhone also !
Dutchy Pred 8 meseci
I just love watching how excited photography makes you. Inspiring really
Jordan McDonald
Jordan McDonald Pred 8 meseci
This kind of content is amazing
Rae Morningstar
Rae Morningstar Pred 8 meseci
Can you do a video showing some cool photography spots in london that actually allow photos
Konstantin Pred 8 meseci
This is pretty much it ahah
Nico LH
Nico LH Pred 8 meseci
Kon what’s the music used in this video?
Kasper Raaby
Kasper Raaby Pred 8 meseci
If you would like to use your phone camera, apps like Halide or Spectre would be recommended, they cost around 5 USD in app store for both.
Pjz_ Pred 8 meseci
anyone know a similar good app for android like this?
Tapiwa Muza
Tapiwa Muza Pred 8 meseci
Prabjot Matta
Prabjot Matta Pred 8 meseci
Was gonna go to london for some pics and this pops up. 1. Google is always listening 2. This app is not available on android😭😭
3illie elsmie
3illie elsmie Pred 5 meseci
@Nacim Benzine not everyone can afford them :)
Viktor Hermansson
Viktor Hermansson Pred 6 meseci
@Nacim Benzine Who would willingly get an iPhone?
Nacim Benzine
Nacim Benzine Pred 8 meseci
Prabjot Matta shoulda got the iPhone 🤷‍♂️
Izzat Pred 8 meseci
Cant wait for more content 😍
alebongo 00
alebongo 00 Pred 8 meseci
Do you use filters on your photos? Or is it just your camera creating the effect?
alebongo 00
alebongo 00 Pred 8 meseci
Konstantin ok thank you, they look very good 👌
Konstantin Pred 8 meseci
I used lightroom to give them a look
ian mcarthur
ian mcarthur Pred 8 meseci
shame you cant use the app to search your current location just the ones it gives you
OverAverrage Pred 8 meseci
was about to download this for my city, but alas, adelaide, australia not an option
Vishal Mistry
Vishal Mistry Pred 8 meseci
You will always be Pimpjuicek to me kon
Geth Davies
Geth Davies Pred 8 meseci
Anyone else think they're screen was dirty at 2:42
Jake Brooks
Jake Brooks Pred 8 meseci
I know it’s a lot of effort, but do you think you could add the camera settings you used for your pictures like ISO and all that? 🤷‍♂️ Love the vid 👌
MickiMouseDK Pred 8 meseci
Can't find the app on Google play store. 😔
vidcooldrake Pred 8 meseci
Hey Kon, Can u do a video giving tips for beginners
Lil Rang45
Lil Rang45 Pred 8 meseci
Kon bro loving your content atm you need to post more regularly
Luke Edwin
Luke Edwin Pred 8 meseci
Cool video! I have a photography channel to
Sillyrits Pred 8 meseci
This video is mad good and impressive. Great work!
Ahmed AlHaddad
Ahmed AlHaddad Pred 8 meseci
Which camera are you using??
Brendan Pred 8 meseci
Finally getting back into photography seriously after 5 years. piece by piece upgrading to something nice :) fantastic video, makes me want to get out there and rediscover my passion even more.
Bob M
Bob M Pred 8 meseci
I don’t use the like button on SLtv at all really but I did on this vid because this is a mad video, respect.
Amrik Gola
Amrik Gola Pred 8 meseci
great video idea!
Daniel Skuse
Daniel Skuse Pred 8 meseci
Oh wait so I have to live in London to use it.
uɐɥʇǝ Pred 8 meseci
Daniel Skuse nah
Daniel Skuse
Daniel Skuse Pred 8 meseci
How do you access the map on the app?
Kirsty W
Kirsty W Pred 8 meseci
Great video ☺️
AxTech Pred 8 meseci
Do you use lightroom, Photoshop or both?
AxTech Pred 8 meseci
I do quite a bit of street photography, I use a long 105mm lens now but when I stared I used a phone. They're good enough now that you can get insane photos, you can also download apps that let you shoot in raw which makes phones even better as starter cameras...
Arti Patel
Arti Patel Pred 8 meseci
Awesome video
Isaiah Mohamed
Isaiah Mohamed Pred 8 meseci
what editing system does kon use
DuaneTV Pred 8 meseci
never heard of this app i need it!! dope video homie 🙌
Buzzing Vidz
Buzzing Vidz Pred 8 meseci
Does this app exist on Android?
BK Balaj Khan
BK Balaj Khan Pred 8 meseci
Bro i genuinely hope Kon blows up man, it pisses me off that he is so underrated, 2020 is gonna be his year.
Kyle Buchan
Kyle Buchan Pred 7 meseci
Yeah same
HMZ Damian
HMZ Damian Pred 8 meseci
Hope so
Nikolai Sørheim
Nikolai Sørheim Pred 8 meseci
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy Pred 8 meseci
Joe Platt
Joe Platt Pred 8 meseci
So basically just take the same photo that someone has already taken?
nitidelsan Pred 8 meseci
The app is not on android
Kaizén Pred 8 meseci
Fayomitz Pred 8 meseci
Mr. whippy low-key has the best ice cream in London
Alfie J Howells
Alfie J Howells Pred 8 meseci
dm me on insta _alfie_howells_
Patrick Colligan
Patrick Colligan Pred 8 meseci
The part at 3:20...how did you do that? What was your camera settings that was mad
uɐɥʇǝ Pred 3 meseci
You smell
Patrick Colligan
Patrick Colligan Pred 8 meseci
@uɐɥʇǝ no shit sherlock, was looking for the camera settings specifically
Tejalkera_Msp love
Tejalkera_Msp love Pred 8 meseci
Sick video! I love all your videos so much :)
TheGodOfFucc Pred 8 meseci
Kon can you make a video on how to do the best possible edits on phone for Instagram
Atto tame
Atto tame Pred 8 meseci
Do you have a portfolio for the pictures or things you do on a daily basis? @konfilms
Lucy Whitton
Lucy Whitton Pred 8 meseci
Iconic_LeFty Pred 8 meseci
Love the idea kon
Anyone got a decent android alternative?
@cj thanks ill try it
cj Pred 8 meseci
@NOTTHEREALICEGUY this is a good one photmapper
cj Pred 8 meseci
I meant an app alt
cj Pred 8 meseci
Samsung Note 9 and the Note 10 and the s20 have very good cameras
VelizarPlaya Pred 8 meseci
kind of reminds of the scoutx app from watch dogs 2 a video game
MoXMii Pred 8 meseci
On the bridge you should've taken a long exposure pic showing the water to be smooth. (Unless you didn't have a tripod which I assume so)
Konstantin Pred 8 meseci
Yh good shout didn’t have an Nd filter either
IDK Pred 8 meseci
Kon what's the name of the filter you used at 6:13 ?
IDK Pred 8 meseci
@Konstantin omg kon replied btw youre so good at what u do
Konstantin Pred 8 meseci
IDK I graded it myself - maybe I can work on some LUTS sometime
MoXMii Pred 8 meseci
2:57 I could tell, this is because the i phone o think always shoots for a brighter photo and assumes you want more colour in it (JPEG) and the Camera i assume you were shooting in raw other than that though the quality is quite close and it's scary...
MoXMii Pred 8 meseci
@Konstantin oh yeah I forgot about when you print pictures out they would look different; thanks for replying by the way. 🙏🏻😅
Konstantin Pred 8 meseci
MoXMii on a small phone screen it’s genuinely hard to tell the difference unless you can tell a lot about the lenses it’s taken on - however when you make the pictures larger or if you were to print them out you’ll be able to see a difference in quality.
lottie. Pred 8 meseci
Love this Kon keep doing what your doing!
Ida Sofie
Ida Sofie Pred 8 meseci
i love when you make these types of videos!!!
William X Studios
William X Studios Pred 8 meseci
At The Time
At The Time Pred 8 meseci
ah im on andriod its on there
doraminoki kun
doraminoki kun Pred 8 meseci
You are so sick with the video and pothos you are so talented my guy
AWildHumanoid Pred 8 meseci
Aidan Pred 8 meseci
Is this only for apple or android too?
ethanstarkey06 Pred 8 meseci
I’m definitely going to download ‘spots’ and try this
Phua Yizhong
Phua Yizhong Pred 3 meseci
Too bad it is limited to only a few cities
Daniel Whiteley
Daniel Whiteley Pred 8 meseci
#ad #spon
Jenson Dartnall
Jenson Dartnall Pred 8 meseci
Yes Kon!
Team Commit
Team Commit Pred 8 meseci
Who’s been a HUGE fan of “Kon” before 2020? 🥰 👇🏻 gifting my next 100 subs🎁 notis on💫
Johnnyplayz Pred 8 meseci
not this again.
Alex Chavez
Alex Chavez Pred 8 meseci
Love your vids kon.💙💙💙💙💙
Bray Pred 8 meseci
Oh I'm definitely downloading this. *love you Kon :D*
Theresa Mc
Theresa Mc Pred 8 meseci
Love this vid soooooo much kon 🥳❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💙💚💛🧡❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Kerim Džiho Džiho
Kerim Džiho Džiho Pred 8 meseci
K o n s t a n t i n
Tyler1x Pred 8 meseci
Who else has ßeen a fan of kon ßefore 2020?!😝💞 😋👇 I’m subbing to my next 9 sußcribers🎁 With Notifications bell🔔🌟
Jomi Aminu
Jomi Aminu Pred 8 meseci
Finding The Perfect Rooftop