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Behzinga from The Sidemen answers weird questions with me! (AD)
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10. feb. 2021

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benja torres
benja torres Pred 2 meseci
Donald Trump would win he went to rotc which is a military school
Naseem Akhtar
Naseem Akhtar Pred 2 meseci
Remember when they used to look alike and now completely different people
Jamie Blake
Jamie Blake Pred 2 meseci
Just had to sub to you after seeing the haircut you got in sidemen Sunday
luke cox
luke cox Pred 2 meseci
If I could time travel I'd go to the far future become a 'god' then go back in time to guide humanity to be mine from the first pronounced word then I'd keep jumping between era's guiding the civilization and becoming the most powerful person ever eventually I'd become unstoppable but I'd have someone following me saying ' your just a man ' so it didn't get to my head
luke cox
luke cox Pred 2 meseci
Jokes aside I'd stop corona and tell you the winning lottery numbers or summink aha
Konstantin Pred 2 meseci
Good plan tbh
Rachel Heav
Rachel Heav Pred 2 meseci
Sleep for 10 years.... wake up after covid
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Pred 2 meseci
Kon to a mill
Ziad Shamakhi
Ziad Shamakhi Pred 2 meseci
Tom Holland is the vest spider-man
E Kennedy
E Kennedy Pred 2 meseci
OnG I acc used to think they were brothers
Scott Chisnall
Scott Chisnall Pred 2 meseci
Boris is not useless
fifa.m#subtodenver Pred 2 meseci
He is
Marcus Davies
Marcus Davies Pred 2 meseci
We literally get paprika pringles in Tesco in Scotland 😍
Oliver Pred 2 meseci
what we thinking baz’s illegal to legal thing is?
jeremymca Pred 2 meseci
bruh i would agree on the bojo vs trump debate but... trump is 6'3
George Washington
George Washington Pred 2 meseci
Why do people not like Boris? Just asking
Bastian Juul Hagen
Bastian Juul Hagen Pred 2 meseci
10:45 and the queen
Daniel 99
Daniel 99 Pred 2 meseci
Turn 18 next month so I have to wait before I can get in on this stereo W
Taylor Whiteside
Taylor Whiteside Pred 2 meseci
I’d rather be a Roman emperor....my guy doesn’t realize how quickly emperors were assassinated or hated on and removed😂😂
Ryan Parker
Ryan Parker Pred 2 meseci
Not all of them. Augustus reigned for 41 years
Dan Giles
Dan Giles Pred 2 meseci
If spirits are real then why don’t we see ghost cows and sheep in fields or ghost birds in trees? Why is it only humans that come back as spirits?
stubbyonethumb you should just pop two tea bags in
DannyB Pred 2 meseci
Ngl I have a purge list with names on xD
Konstantin Pred 2 meseci
This comment tho HAHAHAHA
The X
The X Pred 2 meseci
10:37 it’s gotta be the late 70s early 80s
Shadyxxx Pred 2 meseci
There two are brothers right?
amar_qpr Pred 2 meseci
Notification for this came 4 days late 🤦‍♂️
Konstantin Pred 2 meseci
SLtv needs to fix up!
ClutchNate _11
ClutchNate _11 Pred 2 meseci
Fat Kenyan
Fat Kenyan Pred 2 meseci
Ethan's right about alians as we in the milkyway and there's more out there then just our milkyway
Nathanael A
Nathanael A Pred 2 meseci
I’m a funeral director and ive smelt some bad stuff
Xighor Pred 2 meseci
"Paprika Pringles because you can only really get them on a EasyJet flight" What lol you can get them from basically any supermarket/shop what stocks the whole range
Elliott Shaw
Elliott Shaw Pred 2 meseci
I despise animal abuse, like HATE it but there is this one part of me that wants to see jj get two footed by a horse.
Oscar Harrison
Oscar Harrison Pred 2 meseci
I’d rather fight a horse then a horse sized duck
123 Four5Six
123 Four5Six Pred 2 meseci
Stereo is going to fall off worse than mixer
v.r Pred 2 meseci
Clickbate game 💯
CABL Pred 2 meseci
Interstellar is mind boggling
Dj Ma7soon
Dj Ma7soon Pred 2 meseci
Talking to yourself is considered very healthy
aqeel moosa
aqeel moosa Pred 2 meseci
kon's mic quality tho...
Nidhi Patel
Nidhi Patel Pred 2 meseci
I WANNA BE TOM HOLLAND’s SPIDERMAN TOO! I always loved spiderman but when tom holland came I starter to love spiderman more than ever 🤪
Olaru George
Olaru George Pred 2 meseci
Congrats, you’ve been clickbaited :D
Ryan Hush
Ryan Hush Pred 2 meseci
Hannah Travers
Hannah Travers Pred 2 meseci
There was an Emperer Constantine who converted the whole Roman Empire to Christianity😂
Billy Herrington
Billy Herrington Pred 2 meseci
3:33 has anyone ever smelled clove oil before that shit is probably the worst smell that exists
Monitor Pred 2 meseci
What the fuck is sterio
Brooke E
Brooke E Pred 2 meseci
I thought they where the same people
David Ziol
David Ziol Pred 2 meseci
got a new sub man love the content
Karlien Slabbert
Karlien Slabbert Pred 2 meseci
In my opinion i whould marry logan but then get a divorce
Nodwaa Pred 2 meseci
everyone speaks to themselves. youre not special
Lucas Crossley
Lucas Crossley Pred 2 meseci
he knows about those Easyjet pringles, real one.
Shreenath Siriyala
Shreenath Siriyala Pred 2 meseci
The only stereo video that was interesting
tuga atiyat
tuga atiyat Pred 2 meseci
Idc they’re still brothers
Jacob Tucker
Jacob Tucker Pred 2 meseci
The Dab King
The Dab King Pred 2 meseci
Jesus Christ, so many Stereo brand deals!
Sebastian Wheeler
Sebastian Wheeler Pred 2 meseci
It’s 4am Kon. No way ur live right now
AnusOverdrive Pred 2 meseci
In the sidemen there is a rule where u cannot dis kon or death
Messi Monkey
Messi Monkey Pred 2 meseci
Sami Lalmi
Sami Lalmi Pred 2 meseci
Where’s the title?
Mick van zetten
Mick van zetten Pred 2 meseci
Konstantins audio is sooo clean....
King Biddle
King Biddle Pred 2 meseci
big up Turbo man was big
Dogssunde9 _vids
Dogssunde9 _vids Pred 2 meseci
Stereo is so bad lol
Killua Pred 2 meseci
roses are red, violets are blue i got clickbaited and so did you
Ludmila Pred 2 meseci
Not Mickey the mouse 😳🤡
Conall Gallacher
Conall Gallacher Pred 2 meseci
That intro music was banging 👌
Daki Gaming
Daki Gaming Pred 2 meseci
Let me tell you Iv had kidney stones I understand that kidney STONES are little sharp objects but just that little pebble that is made up of calcium that you can’t see hurts like an absolute bitch so a marble would definitely hurt as well 😂 way way more just imagine pissing a bottle of the worlds hottest pepper with a bunch of open wounds that’s what it feels like
Pierce Scavo
Pierce Scavo Pred 2 meseci
its really weird to me that they aren't brothers... they look the exact same
AllieB16 Pred 2 meseci
For a bit there at the beginning , I thought this was just an old video.
Isaac Mifflin
Isaac Mifflin Pred 2 meseci
Just watched interstellar, hands down one of the deepest films I’ve ever seen and 100% the most mind boggling, i recommend it to anyone who hasn’t watched it!!!
SPO_Jinx06 Pred 2 meseci
I doubt your streaming at 3:10 in the morning
Konstantin Pred 2 meseci
Maybe i am
Invade Pred 2 meseci
He was deffo gonna say make weed legal
Ani Flex
Ani Flex Pred 2 meseci
11:30 there's actually an anime about that. and a few that have a similar concept.
SoulLess Pred 2 meseci
@Ani Flex i mean its kinda a similar concept
Ani Flex
Ani Flex Pred 2 meseci
@SoulLess no I thought more about: n Another World with My Smartphone. And The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar. And The ambition of oda nobuna. But Dr stone is a really good show I enjoyed it.
SoulLess Pred 2 meseci
Dr Stone?
Gabriel Delgado
Gabriel Delgado Pred 2 meseci
all im saying is why would you want to be that spider man those movies should be titled how to take handouts
Bradley Scheurich
Bradley Scheurich Pred 2 meseci
I speak to myself too when im alone for the day
Chase Mazur
Chase Mazur Pred 2 meseci
Donald Trump broke up and elevator fight between Kobe Bryant and Jayson Williams. Boris has no chance.
sean obk
sean obk Pred 2 meseci
Hold up .... these aint brothers?
FREDDIE BEANS Pred 2 meseci
Iv seen him take somone out (a child lol)
Uno Loco
Uno Loco Pred 2 meseci
9:36 The Sidemen participate in the purge
raks Mahajan
raks Mahajan Pred 2 meseci
I watched turbo man from jingle all the way with my dad and he was hyped every time we watched it.♥️
Dean Dean
Dean Dean Pred 2 meseci
ah yo Kon, stop clickbaiting ffs ahha
Diamond McNuggets
Diamond McNuggets Pred 2 meseci
I want to be Harry Potter and live his whole life that would be lit
Amir Taufiq
Amir Taufiq Pred 2 meseci
I love kon!
Jack Verhoef
Jack Verhoef Pred 2 meseci
Is ethans hair line thinning?
Bonnie Nelson
Bonnie Nelson Pred 2 meseci
I was going to say that you obviously have never smelt something dead that’s been baking in the sun, I live in Australia and have found a dead turtle on a beach that you could literally smell from 2kms away 🤮
Gunzsman Pred 2 meseci
Wow Kon just interviewed himself, you did that seemlessly
Eclipse_101 Pred 2 meseci
Just to be weird let’s start a pineapple chain 🍍
Noe Sørensen
Noe Sørensen Pred 2 meseci
did I just get clickbaited like that?
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt Pred 2 meseci
Stereo seems to have an advertising budget that could rival raid shadow legends
Jordan Shaw
Jordan Shaw Pred 2 meseci
Tesco or Morrisons have paprika.
Thalanir7 Pred 2 meseci
We would be “doubly” advanced.... Yep, totally.
Jiyū Pred 2 meseci
Doubly is an actual word though lmao
Jokeman. Pred 2 meseci
i was the last guy called jokeman. i was sick sorry i sounded like shit
qash 123
qash 123 Pred 2 meseci
bojo will always win, bojo is goat
Max White
Max White Pred 2 meseci
Which youtuber hasn’t done a stereo?
itzhayden Pred 2 meseci
Well I just got clickbated
Andrew Spurr
Andrew Spurr Pred 2 meseci
It's 8am don't think you're awake never mind, live on stereo
LSD-Rick B-172
LSD-Rick B-172 Pred 2 meseci
You both should go to Jalisco Mexico
Boyd Marnham
Boyd Marnham Pred 2 meseci
Con: I’d want to be a Roman Emperor. Roman emperor’s: ‘literally stabbed in the back by their best friends so they can become the emperor’
Terry Nixon
Terry Nixon Pred 2 meseci
Not every single one tho 😂
Aye_lit_asf24 Ye
Aye_lit_asf24 Ye Pred 2 meseci
greatest video editor in London and you still have 1080p konstantin...poor lad..hahah just kidding keep up you’re great work my g and keep up the grind🤟🏽💯
Joel Joseph
Joel Joseph Pred 2 meseci
Kon, u thought interstellar was confusing.............................. Watch TENET
Dany G
Dany G Pred 2 meseci
What song is that intro music
Simple Jack
Simple Jack Pred 2 meseci
I cant really understand how these two are brothers yet one is Russian and the other is Nigerian
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith Pred 2 meseci
why is everyone using stereo now? i didnt even hear of it before the sidemen started making all their videos on it
Apl Man
Apl Man Pred 2 meseci
8:24 I’ve had a headache since 2015 and I went to a doctor because of it then and they can’t do anything about it because it’s allergies but you tone it out after a few weeks so it really isn’t that bad after then so if you were ever in a position to choose, take the headache Edit: 10:43 id go to 2005 when i was born to experience everything i love begin to develop like music and movies and tv shows and get to experience an avicii concert before he died
Cole Pred 2 meseci
Poor you bro. At least you got to see the legend.
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky Pred 2 meseci
Alannah Rodriquez
Alannah Rodriquez Pred 2 meseci
The questions people ask 👌 freaking gold 🤣
Toy Story
Toy Story Pred 2 meseci
Its TURBO time!
Rewindz99 Pred 2 meseci
Tom Holland? Nahhhhh 😩🤦‍♂️