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8. nov. 2020

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Konstantin Pred 3 meseci
I am recording a SLtv video TUESDAY at 7PM that you can get involved in. Drop me a follow on Stereo: 👉 stereo.com/konfilms
TylerLikesAir Pred 2 meseci
He puts this on this video?
mikail shakes
mikail shakes Pred 2 meseci
Menthol Menthol
Menthol Menthol Pred 2 meseci
Came to watch Harry not for like 40 seconds
JOSE THE PRINCE Pred 2 meseci
Idk if its the camera but kons head is massive lol
Taylor Elise
Taylor Elise Pred 2 meseci
How early do you get to set before the guys do? How long does a set up take
Freeman Fitness
Freeman Fitness Pred 2 meseci
Oh my god Harry's fall at the end of the video was actually the perfect ending! XD Always love watching these shoot day vids Kon, keep em coming!
Mei Desuwa
Mei Desuwa Pred 2 meseci
Why five cameras?
Tod Hold
Tod Hold Pred 2 meseci
Damn he got sweaty after that champagne sip.
Taylor Lane
Taylor Lane Pred 2 meseci
‘Are you warming up my dinner again’ love you Kon😂😂😂
Solomon Cisneros
Solomon Cisneros Pred 3 meseci
I was literally in a situation where I wanted to not rig my bmpcc 4k with a cage and I was thinking, wow that would be useful if there was a clamp or something that could go on to a tripod. Low and behold it has been done already lol.
Mathew Soriano
Mathew Soriano Pred 3 meseci
who's here again after the new moresidemen vid?
HopchopTV Pred 4 meseci
Just found out this video existed my lord
Raphael Situmorang
Raphael Situmorang Pred 5 meseci
Love your videos Kon. Also love from Indonesia😃😃
Kj Pred 5 meseci
“Are you warming up my dinner again” Kon is jokes🤣
Nikola Rafael
Nikola Rafael Pred 5 meseci
666k subscribers
Rextek Pred 5 meseci
15:41 ey yoo thats jokes hahaha Harry ist just so funny when it comes to being naturally funny and improv
thomas sayles
thomas sayles Pred 5 meseci
Harry is a legend
Habibah Patel
Habibah Patel Pred 5 meseci
Did he get home safe
Faze Garlic
Faze Garlic Pred 5 meseci
We neeed to get u one million mate
Christopher Bowring
Christopher Bowring Pred 5 meseci
Kon, how many videos do edit a week
Junaid Ahmed
Junaid Ahmed Pred 5 meseci
Kon is a mixture of Ethan's past body and Callux's voice. Just close your eyes and listen you'll think about Lux
arrctic7 Pred 5 meseci
loool fr
Nooneknows 2021
Nooneknows 2021 Pred 5 meseci
That is unbelievably accurate.
Haylee Fayers
Haylee Fayers Pred 5 meseci
I had this exact thought
Eamon Pred 5 meseci
I love the Sidemen behind the scenes!
Baz K
Baz K Pred 5 meseci
Kon's channel is hella underrated
Anbu Damodaran
Anbu Damodaran Pred 5 meseci
If you listen closely, Kon actually sounds a little like Callux
Anbu Damodaran
Anbu Damodaran Pred 2 meseci
@Isaac Brown interesting way to put it...
Isaac Brown
Isaac Brown Pred 2 meseci
yeah if you squint your ears a bit
Tamia Vanneil
Tamia Vanneil Pred 3 meseci
ive always thought tht 2
Hussain Al Fodari
Hussain Al Fodari Pred 4 meseci
bro i cant unhear it now lmao
Connor Pred 5 meseci
I can't unhear it...
Mike Nolan
Mike Nolan Pred 5 meseci
ive watched all sidemen vids and never seen behind the scenes, so glad i subbed this is pretty epic to watch how professional its done and how the group overcome issues in the way
mrvideouploads1 Pred 5 meseci
@1:17 Yo Jake Paul! Wtf
ghostpro9021 Pred 5 meseci
Legend 👏
Kynan Walsh
Kynan Walsh Pred 5 meseci
gotta love harry on and off the cameras
JBxMedia Pred 5 meseci
I am looking for a camera monitor, can you pls tell what monitors are being used in the vid? Does anyone know?
JBxMedia Pred 5 meseci
@Konstantin thank you so much keep up the amazing work!
Konstantin Pred 5 meseci
I use Atomos Shinoni :)
Fabian Arkandion
Fabian Arkandion Pred 5 meseci
Anyone got the link to the video where he shows Harry being professional? I need to see it, I rarely see Harry off the camera
Fabian Arkandion
Fabian Arkandion Pred 5 meseci
@Konstantin Thanks! Love u Kon!!! I didn't expect a reply from the man himself lol
Konstantin Pred 5 meseci
Viktor Hermansson
Viktor Hermansson Pred 5 meseci
Quality videos mate and isn't them Black Magic Pockets just awesome? I am using the 4k since a couple of years back and I love it
Viktor Hermansson
Viktor Hermansson Pred 5 meseci
@Konstantin oh yes. I am literally surprised everytime I open up the files after shooting. So good for various puropeses, videos like you do with the Sidemen and also for short films/cinematic videos/product shoots etc. The sensor is amazing.
Konstantin Pred 5 meseci
Yeah the quality is amazing - they are ahead of their own time for the price they are worth
Nikhil Kabba
Nikhil Kabba Pred 5 meseci
5:24 was that tripod moving itself
Mystic Pred 4 meseci
Lol the wide angle lens of the camera actually literally did black magic 🤣
Mikee Lewis
Mikee Lewis Pred 5 meseci
So i just watched all this and this ain't even the video
Chahat Modi
Chahat Modi Pred 5 meseci
That fall was great timing 😂😂
Salman Ishaq
Salman Ishaq Pred 5 meseci
Hi Kon, love the bts videos of the sidemen videos I use to work at Big Sky mangers weren't that great to me but the hospitality and runners are great people
Eryn Ann
Eryn Ann Pred 5 meseci
When you actually see the sidemen videos it seems so natural but then when you watch kons vids it looks so professional it blows my mind, well done kon.
Cammy a
Cammy a Pred 4 meseci
I have never agreed more than this , I’m so Amazed wow
Alex Winkle
Alex Winkle Pred 5 meseci
holy shit the clickbait is real
Zeba Khan
Zeba Khan Pred 5 meseci
I saw tobi at Westfield buy that microwave
0 Reeder 0
0 Reeder 0 Pred 5 meseci
13:33 why does josh remind me of my oldest brother jus constantly reminding people of the rules when they didnt ask for a reminder of the rules lmao
Mr. Facts
Mr. Facts Pred 5 meseci
I take milk chocolate over pure chocolate any day of the week Btw ketchup was first used as a medicine
Josh Stimpson
Josh Stimpson Pred 5 meseci
whatever the SDMN pay you, it aint enough
W F.D Pred 5 meseci
I actually really didn't like that you did that man come on...
halxw mlsl
halxw mlsl Pred 5 meseci
i like the title on this vid
TheRealMrSir Pred 5 meseci
These bts are awesome to see what actually goes on for a shoot, lots of work and equipment used and it shows in the end product. Keep up the great work Kon! Any music videos in the future?
Arya Pred 5 meseci
Big up kon for directing sidemen sundays, jj and simon's music video, and other videos. Couldn't appreciate kon more :)
Shavaughn Hope
Shavaughn Hope Pred 5 meseci
So cool to see the behind the scene process. Very interesting video. Keep up the good work
James McCartney
James McCartney Pred 5 meseci
why is the set up more entertaining then the actually video
Ops, huli ka
Ops, huli ka Pred 5 meseci
yeah are you warming up my dinner again 👌👌🤣🤣🤣🤣
is it just me or does he get a voice crack at 5:39
TallGuyWithGlasses Pred 5 meseci
This is actually such a quality video! Love seeing these behind the scenes videos, especially the specifics! Love love love!
iglabob Pred 6 meseci
When he said he wants champagne next shoot JOSH, I know next week is gonna be a banger🔥🔥
Ben Tookey
Ben Tookey Pred 6 meseci
Hi con I’m 16 live in London and I’m wondering could I be your apprentice?
Lloyd Evans
Lloyd Evans Pred 6 meseci
kon is the 8th sideman.
Liam Ramlochan
Liam Ramlochan Pred 6 meseci
why does Kon make camera gadgets fun to watch
Big Street Food
Big Street Food Pred 6 meseci
♥️Thank you so much this is nice 👍 Anyone readings this comment please support us, thank you♥️...,
Lewis Kemsley
Lewis Kemsley Pred 6 meseci
Big man kon my guy ❤️
Luke Andrews
Luke Andrews Pred 6 meseci
Are we just going to skip over the madness that kon said at 0:43 seconds in 😂
Prestin Hurshberry
Prestin Hurshberry Pred 6 meseci
PNDA RBLX Pred 6 meseci
Prestin Hurshberry
Prestin Hurshberry Pred 6 meseci
Masks kill
Danny Coleman
Danny Coleman Pred 6 meseci
Are you warming up my dinner 😂😂 brilliant
Mohamed Ramzy
Mohamed Ramzy Pred 6 meseci
Is he ethan’s brother
AlecDaWaffle Pred 6 meseci
What happened to the Reddit mate
Konstantin Pred 6 meseci
Making a vid this week
LQMAN EDITZ Pred 6 meseci
I can't lie kons bts videos actually bang❤❤
Aro diligent 2
Aro diligent 2 Pred 6 meseci
Zoomer gang
Aro diligent 2
Aro diligent 2 Pred 6 meseci
Boomer gang
George Asaridis
George Asaridis Pred 6 meseci
0:44 kon rly that dude man, look at kon :)
Goodman Pred 6 meseci
this is like a dream job lmao
Salma Amin
Salma Amin Pred 6 meseci
energy drinks are so bad not sure how it's even legal
Bentley Baartman
Bentley Baartman Pred 6 meseci
one of my best vidz from konstantin .love the behind scence footage
Hasti Pred 6 meseci
W2S drunk is what we all need
Sanjeevani Rai
Sanjeevani Rai Pred 6 meseci
Drunk Harry is the best you know
Syed Faisal Hasan Kazmi
“Not all heroes wear capes”
IrfanUnited Pred 6 meseci
Kartik Wadehra
Kartik Wadehra Pred 6 meseci
Bro you got Boris Johnson in a video. Amazing.
Palefi. Pred 6 meseci
Lets take a moment to appreciate kon and his crew, they setting up for our favourite group youtuber
Maria Taumaa
Maria Taumaa Pred 6 meseci
I love tobi LOL he's such a male version of me haha
N Pred 6 meseci
An absolute banger😍😍😍 We need more of this every sidemen sunday please
Spectra L
Spectra L Pred 6 meseci
Pls make more of these
Captain Rex
Captain Rex Pred 6 meseci
Hey Kon what Camera do you use I'm asking because my Dad's a wedding photographer and I want to recommend him a good camera
Konstantin Pred 6 meseci
I’m using the BMPCC 6k
Miguel Rosales
Miguel Rosales Pred 6 meseci
I wonder why Harry chose to sell his old car for a bike 🤔
Less ._.
Less ._. Pred 5 meseci
Is drinking and biking illegal? 🤔
Envy Pred 6 meseci
Dude Harry got an expensive helmet I got the same one.
The Real Trending Page
Did tobi just say he had to buy a microwave..these guys have money wasting, you telling me out of the seven of them and all there friends none of them have a microwave?
Jojo Pred 6 meseci
They were probably on the way to The shoot and just needed one on short notice
Familyof4budgets Pred 6 meseci
They should probably buy a place for filming videos. The sidemen could buy an old factory or storage/packing facility.
Xplorography Pred 6 meseci
I love that I'm watching the BTS before the Sidemen video 😂😂
Justin Chandraputra
Justin Chandraputra Pred 6 meseci
Where is vik?
DP26 Pred 6 meseci
harry is the funniest person to ever step foot on the earth
odotsheaman Pred 6 meseci
Loved this
Кот Беленький
Why did I enjoy this more than the actual sidemen video???
eh ??
eh ?? Pred 6 meseci
get harry completely wasted for a Q&A that would bang, and also would be jokes
amber carter
amber carter Pred 5 meseci
Lmao the whole video would be a big bleep
Nihaal SP
Nihaal SP Pred 6 meseci
Why is Harry wearing the FaZe hoodie?
Sheena1234ization Pred 6 meseci
It's BS they didn't have a professional chef cooking the expensive food. Only way you can get authentic appreciation of the quality
Sheena1234ization Pred 6 meseci
The man behind the Sidemen
cara Pred 6 meseci
was all going so well until I noticed you were a canon user
cara Pred 6 meseci
@Konstantin ouch. I'm a midland photographer and it's got to be Nikon. D700 or any full frame and you can't go wrong. canons for rookies
Konstantin Pred 6 meseci
I use Canon lenses on my Black Magic camera. Also, you can't knock Canon unless you are a Nikon user yourself, and if that is the case then that means you were never loved as a child.
Aaryan Jalan
Aaryan Jalan Pred 6 meseci
Really nice clickbait😂
Rashed Elamin
Rashed Elamin Pred 6 meseci
0:45 rah LMAO
Reetika Debroy
Reetika Debroy Pred 6 meseci
Harry is a legend... 👑👑
ahmed badat
ahmed badat Pred 6 meseci
What cameras do you use?
Konstantin Pred 6 meseci
TOS_Heist Pred 6 meseci
*wearing childish hoodie on sidemen shoot*
Painting on PAINT Brushes?!