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As promised... "Video description in the link"
PETER'S VIDEO: sltv.info/label/ZtKe2K-5j6Rtm64/video




29. maj. 2018

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PTX Pred 3 meseci
what app is dah?
Marie Pred 4 meseci
4:12 hope the mic is okay
Dragon Letter
Dragon Letter Pred 5 meseci
"I'll put his video description in the link
Kalash Patel
Kalash Patel Pred 5 meseci
Little tip, remove.bg cuts out backgrounds very easily
fadil shefi
fadil shefi Pred 6 meseci
Hey Kon I really need to know how to take really good photos please
Umair Pred 6 meseci
Wow mate
Scott Family Productions
Olivia 2000
Olivia 2000 Pred 10 meseci
“Free, Two, One”
Μr_eVо Pred letom
video description... in the link...
Harley Wil
Harley Wil Pred letom
When did bazinga make a new Chanel
Frag Pred letom
the camera man sounds like josh in sidemen🧔🏻🧔🏻
Reno Games
Reno Games Pred letom
300K congrats
Cloaked Shadow
Cloaked Shadow Pred letom
Is that zerkaaaaaaa omggggggg
Violet Pred letom
What did you export it as?
Cal Da Kid
Cal Da Kid Pred letom
how do you export in after effects
Mirza Selimovic
Mirza Selimovic Pred letom
What software?
Vishal Nawlani
Vishal Nawlani Pred 2 leti
Loved this video
MikeyV1 Pred 2 leti
As well as 3:06
MikeyV1 Pred 2 leti
Go to 2:16 and pause it there one of her breast is out
Juan Pablo Gugliada Álvarez
Dude, love it. Great job
Creativejuney B.
Creativejuney B. Pred 2 leti
Can you do a After Effect cc Tutorial. Please! Step by step 😁😊
Creativejuney B.
Creativejuney B. Pred 2 leti
I ❤ kon for this video thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Slinky Slouk
Slinky Slouk Pred 2 leti
Great vid
WILKIE Pred 2 leti
Sick video my dude! Where is best to start in regard to mastering after effects?
Gold Pred 2 leti
Great video on editing! Please do some more/ show some more Photoshop tricks
Ibsizzle Pred 2 leti
"video description in the link"
Danny Large
Danny Large Pred 2 leti
I’ll put his video description in the link
Underr Pred 2 leti
Awesome Kon! I’m a Aspiring GFX designer so this will come in handy cheers bro keep up what you do! Hopefully you see this.
Eugene Powell
Eugene Powell Pred 2 leti
The photo looks so unaturual
MattRHD Films
MattRHD Films Pred 2 leti
Nice tutorial
Purple21 Pred 2 leti
Can you show us how you record videos and what you use? And what software you use to edit the video and sounds Many thanks x
Dance Fanatic
Dance Fanatic Pred 2 leti
Kon, what beat did you use at 2:15?
Ryry0023 Pred 9 meseci
Dance Fanatic it’s JuiceBox by Dylan Sitts
Nav Pred 2 leti
Kon you’re actually sick
Karan Garg
Karan Garg Pred 2 leti
Had to sub just for that intro
Kofi Ampomah
Kofi Ampomah Pred 2 leti
Love the way you explain it, very simple, informative and entertaining.
Bradderz 7
Bradderz 7 Pred 2 leti
Just met u at the SDMN game thx for being a legend
Aman Ali
Aman Ali Pred 2 leti
Would love to have more of these videos very useful and helpful
lauryn Pred 2 leti
fkin genius
Arron Barclay
Arron Barclay Pred 2 leti
You are so awesome Kon, I wish I could edit like you ☹️
Alex Comins
Alex Comins Pred 2 leti
Never really watched your videos before but first impressions are that they're amazing. Subscribed. Keep it up 👍
A0Z Pred 2 leti
Cool video!!
Tejas Jay
Tejas Jay Pred 2 leti
I am a UI UX Designer/ Graphic Designer. After Effects is definitely a software I love, but I have been terrified to use it. Watching this has made me really wanna use it again. Please more videos like this!
jay Pred 2 leti
HMMMMMMMMMM nice intro
Emily Jayne
Emily Jayne Pred 2 leti
“I’ll put his video description in the link” That made a lot of sense😂😂
Emily Jayne
Emily Jayne Pred 2 leti
Konstantin 😂😂😂
Konstantin Pred 2 leti
I was just making sure everyone was still listening 🙄
Jason Yu
Jason Yu Pred 2 leti
Nice work Kon!!!❤
Jarod T.
Jarod T. Pred 2 leti
Amazing video Kon, never thought I could use After Effects the way you did! Really got inspired to do photography by you and Josh, two amazing youtubers and video/photographers. Although I felt the Saturation on your background image kinda made the overall image look a bit off but nonetheless great tutorial!:)
Eoin Griffin
Eoin Griffin Pred 2 leti
Great video Kon. Learned a lot. I think a series for beginners would be amazing. Showing what you can do with little knowledge and basic software and kit. Over time as we learn with you, you can make it more complex. Keep up the good work.
Houlen Pred 2 leti
I enjoyed it ! Please do more tutorial
wift Pred 2 leti
This is so cool
Emil Pred 2 leti
Kon, legit, you are making some of my favorite vlogs at the moment. I like how it is not bragging and yet somehow cool as fuck!
AssoBestaTyyp Pred 2 leti
Also, would love to see more of this :)
AssoBestaTyyp Pred 2 leti
Did you knowingly say that you were gonna put his video description in the link...?
MarloSoBalJr Pred 2 leti
I just got a boner watching this video. I got one more day off from work, gonna do this.
realtoros08 Pred 2 leti
My man this is awesome! Glad you’ve took the time to explain it to us.
Court Haynes
Court Haynes Pred 2 leti
Dave shivam
Dave shivam Pred 2 leti
Plzzz do cinematic tutorials and love ur vids as always
Ziad Bayoumy
Ziad Bayoumy Pred 2 leti
0:33 "I'll put his video description in the link" xD Love you, Kon
KkStar Pred 2 leti
You are gonna be a creative vlogger in the future.😘
Making it Random
Making it Random Pred 2 leti
Love the new intro!
Countdown Lounge
Countdown Lounge Pred 2 leti
Great Video!!!
Arbaaz Hussain
Arbaaz Hussain Pred 2 leti
Kon is a legend
Reliz Pred 2 leti
You cut out so complicated.. you should try just using the pen tool it looks way better and is easier
Reliz Pred 2 leti
Konstantin Pred 2 leti
True!!!! Will give that a shot next time.
Reliz Pred 2 leti
And btw it would make more sense to add the color grading after you put the person and the background into 1 picture so it looks more real
Luke De
Luke De Pred 2 leti
Sick Intro!😌
Jonathan Vos
Jonathan Vos Pred 2 leti
So smooth, quality!
Tom Wagstaff
Tom Wagstaff Pred 2 leti
That intro clip 👌
T Bachra
T Bachra Pred 2 leti
Holy **** zero dislikes 👌🏾👌🏾🎊
Andreas lvr
Andreas lvr Pred 2 leti
U could do a tutorial about photo editing and and effects. Great vid bro keep it going❤️
kat stanworth
kat stanworth Pred 2 leti
Aww look at kon getting all professional lol. Nah but for real you're so smart and your voice melts my heart like damnnnn ❤
Muhd Aliff Muhd Arshad
I would love to see more videos like this man
Sanal Sabu
Sanal Sabu Pred 2 leti
This is sickkkkkk
Benjamin Martin
Benjamin Martin Pred 2 leti
"I will put his video description in the link" Well said Kon
Fin Gardiner
Fin Gardiner Pred 2 leti
Such a sick edit
MegzMarine Pred 2 leti
I found this so interesting and helpful! This will definitely help me with my photography project! Thank you Kon!! ❤️
Kelsey🥀 Pred 2 leti
What park did you go to? It’s so pretty😍loved the vid
jessi c;
jessi c; Pred 2 leti
your introooooo, i love ittttt!
Desi Rae
Desi Rae Pred 2 leti
Love this video, Kon. You should defo do more tutorials on other cool little tricks you like to when editing pictures
Theguy2295 Pred 2 leti
Yep, i recieved that inspiration. i can see come cool landscapes made with the "puppet tool" now.
Ian Bennie
Ian Bennie Pred 2 leti
Kon love this kind of video, should do it like a weekly topic?
Jakster Pred 2 leti
Agreed, I was going to comment a similar comment.
Bjerkeng Pred 2 leti
Very simple effect, but the tutorial is so great Konstantin! Please keep posting these, really enjoyed it!
Elen Roberts
Elen Roberts Pred 2 leti
The intro and video is so sick! ❤️👌🏻
Shri lekkala
Shri lekkala Pred 2 leti
This was a dope tutorial, thank you Kon!
Nervoz_1 Pred 2 leti
Your great Kon!
Georgia Mae
Georgia Mae Pred 2 leti
This would have been so helpful during my media course simple and quick so thanks Kon
Jamie Evans
Jamie Evans Pred 2 leti
Peter McKinnon 🤔🤔
Geox Pred 2 leti
Sick vid and nice intro
Jayden Raye
Jayden Raye Pred 2 leti
I would love to see more tutorials and videos like this! Also, what type of camera is used at 6:04? It such a cool effect!
Jayden Raye
Jayden Raye Pred 2 leti
Thanks! Keep up the great videos :-)
Konstantin Pred 2 leti
Jayden Raye that was done on the GoPro Fusion
Megan Jones
Megan Jones Pred 2 leti
Loving these videos your photography is incredihle
EstablishedIn01 Pred 2 leti
Loved this video mate🙌🏻❤️
Raatheyan Ratnasingam
Mad photography
Arsenal Fan
Arsenal Fan Pred 2 leti
real interesting m8
Jack McNeil
Jack McNeil Pred 2 leti
Asmr Kon
Amarion Scarlett-Reid
Why does this remind me of ASMR 😂
Amarion Scarlett-Reid
Konstantin fair enough the audio is what I came for 😂
Konstantin Pred 2 leti
amarion scarlett Mans got himself a crispy mic to record with 😂
J G Pred 2 leti
Kon ur actually amazing at photography
JunkFunkMunk Pred 2 leti
good video if you like explain stuff
depressed squidward
Loved the video kon!
Balázs Jenei
Balázs Jenei Pred 2 leti
4:12 - Microphone falls 😂
N P Pred 2 leti
Coreymc123 Pred 2 leti
Your editing skills are sick man and great video keep being you that’s what your liked for
Ricky Pred 2 leti
Did you learn to do all of this yourself?
Konstantin Pred 2 leti
RONI I learned most of the things I know from other SLtv Videos and slide lots of practice
sophie-leigh Pred 2 leti
aye match gang
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