I Used an APP to RECORD Me Talking in my SLEEP 

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APP NAME: Sleep Talk Recorder




7. mar. 2019

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Konstantin Pred letom
Go to nordvpn.org/konstantin and use code konstantin to get 75% off a 3-year plan and an extra month for free.
Conor Duffy
Conor Duffy Pred 4 meseci
coupon not cupon
Tejalkera_Msp love
Tejalkera_Msp love Pred 10 meseci
Francis Garcia
Francis Garcia Pred 10 meseci
You spelt coupon wrong
Lydon Green
Lydon Green Pred letom
Keep up the good videos Kon.👍
Faheem Pred letom
I’m getting on that now
Lilly Schoonover
Lilly Schoonover Pred mesecem
I one time slept walk to my stair railing and I yelled pizzas here and my cousin was freaking out cause she was sleeping over also one night I yelled to my mom if I could have a sharpie then I went back to bed😂😂 I was sleep walking tho
Emma Malone
Emma Malone Pred mesecem
i used to sleep walk and sleep talk and i still sleep talk and sleep sing
Pro gaming
Pro gaming Pred mesecem
no 0000000
sonnyd Pred mesecem
What do u eat that makes you fart so much???? 😂😂😂😂😂
496jas Pred 2 meseci
Maybe it’s a ghostie
SHIFT exe Pred 2 meseci
Whats the app called?
Titus Pred 2 meseci
Wow he can speak minecraft enchanting table
Giadasworldd Iml
Giadasworldd Iml Pred 3 meseci
What’s the app called
Kevin Smit
Kevin Smit Pred 3 meseci
4:17 who’s ford st pulled up in my street😂
Dutch Van Der Linde
Dutch Van Der Linde Pred 3 meseci
Leon V
Leon V Pred 3 meseci
The theme song sounds like ksi . Houdini
Missy Moo
Missy Moo Pred 3 meseci
Atish T.N.T.M
Atish T.N.T.M Pred 3 meseci
Ouhh Nanana you dont wanna run with me 11:15 the original
Teddy12 Pred 3 meseci
I got here from spongebob cook off
bbgot8n Pred 3 meseci
WTF you predicted Houdini 11:13
Kabir Choh
Kabir Choh Pred 3 meseci
Lol anyone watching in quarantine
Alec Halonen
Alec Halonen Pred 4 meseci
What is the app
Mazharul 2004
Mazharul 2004 Pred 4 meseci
General Cheese
General Cheese Pred 4 meseci
What app did he use?
The Shed
The Shed Pred 4 meseci
This is amazing 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😁😄😁😄
marcus duffield
marcus duffield Pred 4 meseci
funniest video
minifish Pred 4 meseci
This video is jokes
SolitarySparkz Pred 4 meseci
11k like.. oh wait this is a year old
MC BigMac
MC BigMac Pred 4 meseci
Bruv use the cupon code
Ciel Phantomhive
Ciel Phantomhive Pred 4 meseci
Kon's a sleeper agent
Mr F
Mr F Pred 4 meseci
This guy always has a sponsor ffs
Joel Gunasekaran
Joel Gunasekaran Pred 4 meseci
11:21 isn’t that Houdini?
finster231 games
finster231 games Pred 5 meseci
7:15 you failed to spell coupon
No Name
No Name Pred 5 meseci
Am I the only one that is as silent as a rock when I sleep?
Luke Trinder
Luke Trinder Pred 5 meseci
Gabriel Rushby
Gabriel Rushby Pred 5 meseci
This could easily be a Sidemen Sunday
Azzam Muhammad Ihsan
Azzam Muhammad Ihsan Pred 5 meseci
10:16 I Lieke the fact Thai Simon who isnt russian is telling Kon who is russian that hes speaking russian.😆😂😆😂😆😂😆
StoneColdBoss Pred 5 meseci
Whos watching in quarantine
Burger Boy 213
Burger Boy 213 Pred 5 meseci
11:16 Houdini ksi
Xd chronix
Xd chronix Pred 5 meseci
4:06 he is a demon
Zadid Aziz
Zadid Aziz Pred 5 meseci
If anything it's you recording your wife talking in her sleep
Lakeside60 Pred 5 meseci
4:07 - 4:09 There is a broken lawnmower in Kon's room xD
Talandira Banda
Talandira Banda Pred 5 meseci
Ahh another fellow sleep talker
Louie Perrin
Louie Perrin Pred 5 meseci
Why does he always use a sponsee
ConorInnit Pred 5 meseci
theme song is close to the simpoms intro
Terra Wolf 13
Terra Wolf 13 Pred 5 meseci
i love ur eyes :)
R Ray
R Ray Pred 9 meseci
I actually want this to record my farts and send them to a buddy
Kerry Smith
Kerry Smith Pred 10 meseci
ARIK4 Pred 10 meseci
$100 vs $10000 Boat challenge
Messy Frenzy
Messy Frenzy Pred 10 meseci
The “theme song” is deffo the McDonald’s jingle 💀💀
Lowri Jones
Lowri Jones Pred 10 meseci
I was talking in my sleep last week and my friend heard me apparently I said. “I can’t believe you said that. That is disgraceful. People live in that house “
xDestox Pred 10 meseci
hey kon ive been watching your videos for a while now and i think you're doing very well with your channel i hope you keep up the good work #KonFor1Mill
qprtom Pred 10 meseci
Kon I want one of them curtain setup things. Do tell so I can start vlogging and entertaining the world.
Tejalkera_Msp love
Tejalkera_Msp love Pred 10 meseci
Wyatt Brennan
Wyatt Brennan Pred 10 meseci
Kon: I’m wanking on a big project
Hanna Stanley
Hanna Stanley Pred 10 meseci
“You’re not you when you’re naked” nice
Thanh Hải Trần
Thanh Hải Trần Pred 11 meseci
What the app name?
ellisk0 Pred 11 meseci
I’m 8 month late but when I was about 8 I was sleeping at my friends house and went into his mams room and said I just blew up tnt on minecraft
Shumya Pred 11 meseci
I’m gonna watch this whilst falling asleep
William Evans
William Evans Pred 11 meseci
this should be a sidemen/more sidemen video
Codex Phil
Codex Phil Pred 11 meseci
kon whats happening, kon whats happening.....i never seen true trauma in my life!!! you should do more of these XD
Faarly Joemrati
Faarly Joemrati Pred 11 meseci
Whats the name of the app
xdkoky Pred letom
I laughed everytime !😂 great video. Earned a like 👍
Mr goodtimes
Mr goodtimes Pred letom
What is the ap0
Steve's art n fun channel Stephen hall
Lmao 😹naked?
Brian Justin
Brian Justin Pred letom
Your own reaction to yourself is probably the highlight of this video
Tapiwa Muza
Tapiwa Muza Pred letom
Loooooooool, my dad used to snore like that in his sleep till he bought these nose clip things that help clear your nostrils. Surprised how my mom's survived 40 years marriage listening to him sleep like dat 😂
Finborylo 07
Finborylo 07 Pred letom
What is it called
Lumberjack Pred letom
Simon: Imma get the spy out of you Outro: What do you mean?
Kate Beauchamp
Kate Beauchamp Pred letom
11:17 Simon sounds like he might be able to sing
Itssupercalafrajilisticgetsmealidocious trysaythat
@Tobuscusgaming 321 ??
AMK DASH Pred 4 meseci
this aged well
Tobuscusgaming 321
Tobuscusgaming 321 Pred 4 meseci
Love u bro
Justin Chua
Justin Chua Pred 5 meseci
got it from talia
Julia Dela Cruz
Julia Dela Cruz Pred 5 meseci
AK69 420
AK69 420 Pred letom
tbh this should be reported as sexual content:( :(
Destiny Jones
Destiny Jones Pred letom
i snorted while laughing ew
Destiny Jones
Destiny Jones Pred letom
didn’t know he had a boo
hatem al aamri
hatem al aamri Pred letom
Seems like you leaked some scenes from the coming Sidemen 10;000£ holiday part 2😏...and the red staying in a cheap hotel this time 😂
itz.amp_ footballer
Joshs reaction tho oml
itz.amp_ footballer
Never laughed so much at a video
itz.amp_ footballer
I’m ded😂😂
itz.amp_ footballer
I talk in my sleep😭😭
itz.amp_ footballer
Captain Rex
Captain Rex Pred letom
The Only Russian I watch.
xBaileyTx Pred letom
What’s this app called 😂
Drew G
Drew G Pred letom
Ive used this same app
Tyler Addison
Tyler Addison Pred letom
7:55 had me in tears🤣
J Cliff
J Cliff Pred letom
Indeed, the KSI vs Joe Weller fight was a fluke... 😂
Laura The best gachatuber ever
I always scream(scared/sad) at night and talk some strange things to myself...thats so weird..
Timo Pred letom
Do a try not to laugh challenge with this app.
sabio Pred letom
whats te app called
zlocked beats
zlocked beats Pred letom
Are you bezzinga
Kakashi The Copy Cat Ninja
Kon got her pregnant sry if ur not but congrats
jared jennings
jared jennings Pred letom
What’s the app called
Nehal Mathew
Nehal Mathew Pred letom
Kon editor during the day And a Dragon/f1car at night
Patrik Pred letom
Or just use the voice recorder on your phone
Patrik Pred letom
@Konstantin oh didnt know that ps how did you see a comment with 1 like
Konstantin Pred letom
This app activates when it hears a sound, so you just go through the clips it records instead of 7/8 hrs of voice clips
Matt M
Matt M Pred letom
Joe Griffiths
Joe Griffiths Pred letom
Hate to say it Jon, but I can’t believe you faked it, you should acc try and do it
Sol Chatz
Sol Chatz Pred letom
What app did he use
Bunning Loud
Bunning Loud Pred letom
Guys the apps called sleep talk recorder
Ted Amura
Ted Amura Pred letom
What’s the recording app called
Sharon Wong
Sharon Wong Pred 6 meseci
sleep talk recorder is the name, the description says it
Lane Taylor
Lane Taylor Pred letom
What’s the app he used?
Leon Andre
Leon Andre Pred letom
Spaget XD
Spaget XD Pred letom
now i worry about what i say in my sleep😂😂
Ben Buchanan
Ben Buchanan Pred letom
Outro song anyone?
Nova Pred letom
1:15 :*porn*
Tom Va
Tom Va Pred letom
Belive it or not, but heavy sleeptalking/snoring/farting means you have strong spirit(few centuries ago, it would have been called witchery). You should record even more and analyze it. You can root out a lot of problems that you may or may not know about. Everything coming out of you at that point is pure, unfiltered by emotion and brain. Hope you will try more!
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