UBER PRANK ft David Vujanic 

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Vlog 3 I prank Vujanic with a fake Uber and take on you behind the scenes on how we recorded the music video Five Stars with Brick Bricka. Drakes One Dance parody.
Uber Driver Anthem (One Dance Parody) by BRICKA BRICKA : sltv.info/label/iJCCn7uUhGeKfJA/video
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29. sep. 2017

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Dan T
Dan T Pred letom
"There is no back...THERE IS NO GOING BACK" LMAOOO
Alkan Channel
Alkan Channel Pred 2 leti
2:16 natural habitat
NTX Pred 2 leti
Vuj is such a nice guy
Ironbeard97 Pred 2 leti
Does kon have Simon's KFC card???
Luka Pred 3 leti
If you wanna bring food to vuj dont come with KFC Come with Ćevape i Rakija vuj moje brate
Prachet Agarwal
Prachet Agarwal Pred 3 leti
is it just me or did kon kind of look like an alien at the start of the vlog
LARKCOMBOII23 Pred 3 leti
That prank was mad 😂
ILikechipsandham97 Pred 3 leti
The amount of reverb in that room and the vocals sounded good, some good producing from fifamonstahh
John Smith
John Smith Pred 3 leti
Wtf is this ethans secert account?
Joshua 1
Joshua 1 Pred 3 leti
Is this behzinga brother?
Kalzz Mitchell
Kalzz Mitchell Pred 3 leti
Should of been longer
Tyf Pred 3 leti
Vujanic cussed Asian girls so he deserves it
I'm not creative with names
Vuj is such a good person, he doesn't deserve that. But it was fucking hilarious
meemster Pred 3 leti
man got doxxed ahahah 204 phillip lane lol
Hamish Gladman
Hamish Gladman Pred 3 leti
Are you Behzinga's Brother?
TheRealBeatMaster Pred 3 leti
Vuj was ready to legit jump out holy shit
Nathan Abernethy
Nathan Abernethy Pred 3 leti
Hahahah "there's no going back" and then he zoomed in on his face
SDPRZ Pred 3 leti
vuj is just the nicest guy
Ross Mason
Ross Mason Pred 3 leti
is this behz brother
BagOf Myths
BagOf Myths Pred 3 leti
5* Acting lol
Liam Chambers
Liam Chambers Pred 3 leti
Behzinga ???
AJ bos
AJ bos Pred 3 leti
AMAZING Kon ❤️ love you and the sidemen lot 😂❤️
Aaron D
Aaron D Pred 3 leti
*YO THIS WAS JOKES!* Well done Kon!
I forgot my name
I forgot my name Pred 3 leti
Have a nice!
Dutchy Pred 3 leti
These are great Kon! Great to see you uploading more :D
Shakeel Akhtar
Shakeel Akhtar Pred 3 leti
This is sick! I is lovin it, big up to everyone behind the production, directing and acting. Shout out to my brudda DJ EnAy worldwide Star DJ. This is perfect example of when bruddaz from all background, color and creed unite and create this magic. No doubt this video and the parody as well as everything else gets 5* stars RT Support the movement pow!!!
Josie Pred 3 leti
I remember when you had 9,000 subs... Your channel is growing fast! 😄
Vishwam c.k
Vishwam c.k Pred 3 leti
omg this prank was well planned dAMN
MajorSilver FTW
MajorSilver FTW Pred 3 leti
Lovely content man. Best of luck for the future.
Konstantin Pred 3 leti
Make sure to check out the official music video on Vujanic's channel - sltv.info/label/iJCCn7uUhGeKfJA/video
MajorSilver FTW
MajorSilver FTW Pred 3 leti
Konstantin You're doing a great job!
MajorSilver FTW
MajorSilver FTW Pred 3 leti
Konstantin It's fantastic man!
Karan Bharadia
Karan Bharadia Pred 3 leti
The best prank I've seen in a long time 😂😂😂😂
smileymiley Pred 3 leti
This was so funny
Kieran MacIver
Kieran MacIver Pred 3 leti
Pure Class!!! Never thought in a million years that Vuj would get 'KING KON'D'!!!!
aminath rajan
aminath rajan Pred 3 leti
That was one of the best pranks ive seen on youtube and this a place id least expect it. props
Alexandros 171203
Alexandros 171203 Pred 3 leti
rema kovicbran
rema kovicbran Pred 3 leti
Is he from serbia/Da li je on iz Srbije By the way Hi from erbia
Khalid_b 10
Khalid_b 10 Pred 3 leti
marko brankovic yes he is
rema kovicbran
rema kovicbran Pred 3 leti
Libby Ballard
Libby Ballard Pred 3 leti
Ugh smh kon, trust you to Upload when I'm out 😫😂 At least I can watch this now after a long ass time of you telling us it was gonna come out 🤷🏼‍♀️😂♥️ xx
Donger Pred 3 leti
This was amazing haha
Ishaq Pred 3 leti
Love your Vids.
3li Pred 3 leti
Who tf disliked !!!!
Angel Pred 3 leti
Love your vids keep it up man
Nils Wistrom
Nils Wistrom Pred 3 leti
Mark Upson
Mark Upson Pred 3 leti
NOOOOOO STOPPPPP! Vuj didnt deserve this hahahahahahahah
Dimmi Lo
Dimmi Lo Pred 3 leti
That was sick
Dan CFC Pred 3 leti
Vuj is such a nice guy
Mellow Kat
Mellow Kat Pred 3 leti
Shakira X
Shakira X Pred 3 leti
you and your channel deserve so much more appreciation, great video again Kon x
Haseeb Mohammad
Haseeb Mohammad Pred 3 leti
If your reading this comment have a nice day P.S like this comment
Alex Ballance
Alex Ballance Pred 3 leti
Upload kon
Haseeb Mohammad
Haseeb Mohammad Pred 3 leti
Hey how are you
one love
one love Pred letom
VorG_DeviL I'm good man , how are you bro? Have a nice day too gg
Mm Likh
Mm Likh Pred 3 leti
Mati Motloch
Mati Motloch Pred 3 leti
Loving it 🔥
Taimur Pred 3 leti
Funniest Design Fails Ever
Funniest Design Fails Ever
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