How I EDITED Red Alert MUSIC VIDEO - KSI & Randolph 

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14. apr. 2019

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Konstantin Pred letom
A note from Lorenzo about the sync: 'The way around it is to make the playback track a video with the song and just a timecode, and then play that through bBluetoothoff an iPad, and show the ipad at the beginning of the take. So then when you come to edit you can just match up the number on the ipad with the track' We will make sure to do this next time!
Lydon Green
Lydon Green Pred letom
Skillshare is awesome Kon and Red Alert was an awesome and lit music video JJ and Randolph and well done for the work on it Kon and JJ and Randolph and keep up the good videos Kon JJ and Randolph.
ErnyVibes Pred 2 meseci
Love your works 🙏💕
Nathan Ri Tao Hu
Nathan Ri Tao Hu Pred 11 meseci
Who came here just for the outro lol
ITZGarikONE Pred letom
Первый русский коммент?
Vlad Totkalo
Vlad Totkalo Pred letom
Are you actually Russian?
ITZGarikONE Pred letom
Oi Say
Oi Say Pred letom
Интересно, сколько русских смотрят твои видео?
Purposeful Human
Purposeful Human Pred letom
Привет, дела хорошо) Вот сиду и смотрю твое видео
DeveshExcite Pred letom
k0n whats the song in the start
you can get sony vegas on mac
Martin K
Martin K Pred letom
Most underated yt channel
_aam.11 Pred letom
Is Kon Russian
nicole Pred letom
Make a video where you speak russian for 24hrs
Danny Birman
Danny Birman Pred letom
Привет Константин
ihsan Pred letom
duuuude mad respect for you dude subbed!
Lydon Green
Lydon Green Pred letom
Skillshare is awesome Kon and Red Alert was an awesome and lit music video JJ and Randolph and well done for the work on it Kon and JJ and Randolph and keep up the good videos Kon JJ and Randolph.
Lewis RH13
Lewis RH13 Pred letom
Who else thought of Red Dead Redemption 2 when they seen the music video?
chugg Pred letom
Hey, does anyone know a free editing program on pc witch doesn’t have a water mark? Thanks. This is a great vid btw.
ethanstarkey06 Pred letom
Any other premier pro guys
Calum McClure
Calum McClure Pred letom
Wait what I thought he was Ethan’s brother
John McCool
John McCool Pred letom
how do you get your music in to premier pro say this on your next video
Waryaa Ali
Waryaa Ali Pred letom
2:52 when kon saved the video as KSI on a horse, who also had a flashback there😅😅
NaraKav Pred letom
Make more vids like this, very educational 💯🤙
Smashbro 987
Smashbro 987 Pred letom
can you show your upload settings?
I forgot my name
I forgot my name Pred letom
La di da di
BananaMan Pred letom
Why in the red alert lyric video where did the background come from?
Gar Pred letom
Kon is too underrated omg
Simon Vanhevel
Simon Vanhevel Pred letom
thanks, great video
Favour Adediran
Favour Adediran Pred letom
Great job bro
West Ham 123
West Ham 123 Pred letom
This like media combined with music pretty good
__Big__Daddyy__ Pred letom
I'm not a videographer (yet, I am a photographer though check out my insta 😉) but I love getting into the nitty gritty of the editing process y'all have to undertake. Dope work man 🙌
Doh man
Doh man Pred letom
никогда не думал, что смотря Sidemen найду русского ютубера)))) больше видео и больше русского языка))) он всем нарвится))
Chaddy Rogers
Chaddy Rogers Pred letom
Oi! does anyone know the name of the outro son???!!!
Goldxn Pred letom
*Professional Colourist Not Colour Grader. KON
Andrew Flanagan
Andrew Flanagan Pred letom
Kon mate, just play a LTC timecode audio track into an aux input on the camera, then when you edit just sync by timecode, all your takes will instantly sync up with each other for performance
Alisha H
Alisha H Pred letom
Where and what castle is that 👀!
slinkcube Pred letom
this guy put bare effort man good job!
CAMMY 18 Pred letom
Cheers for the editing but I need to make a beat is there a free app I could use ?
Harsh Jadeja
Harsh Jadeja Pred letom
Is it just me or is Kon on a completely different level !!! 😅😅 My man's a genius
Gaming Is Fun
Gaming Is Fun Pred letom
Teymur Garibov
Teymur Garibov Pred letom
Could you make a video just speaking in Russian?
Jops Pred letom
intro was on point XD
Dmitry Trofimov
Dmitry Trofimov Pred letom
Я был в шоке, когда в начале видео ты сказал «привет, как дела»😂😂😂😂 You’re so creative, idk how you can edit and film on the Hollywood level. Proud of you being Russian🔥🔥🔥
MiniIce Pred letom
Amazing video kon learned a lot from it❤️
X_ORE Pred letom
i want to know how to make a beat on fl studio
Hamza Pred letom
Outro song?
Jack Brookes
Jack Brookes Pred letom
I thought you used prism lens fx. Great Products! Do you ever use Tropic Colour Products?
yea myg
yea myg Pred letom
Proud of my man kon
editscentro Pred letom
You need to make a movie
FO. TV Pred letom
Everytime I watch kons vids....(me) Don't say don't say it don't say it.. YOU AINT A BAD MAN FAM. YOUR DEJIS CAMERAMAN 😩😂
Konstantin Pred letom
D17D Pred letom
Man has a whole hard drive dedicated to the music video
Sydney Pred letom
Stef _P.S
Stef _P.S Pred letom
Teach us how to color grade pleaseee
6:00 😂
Tobias Åhlander
Tobias Åhlander Pred letom
Tbh I would probably watch all of The speeded up producetalk between JJ, randolph and kon. Would be a dream to hear even though it probably would have been a while
FanaticFifaGuy Pred letom
Can you show a few basic tips on colour grading? Like what told are good and how to go about doing it as a beginner. Loved the video!
Annabelle Grace
Annabelle Grace Pred letom
if i tried to do this kinda thing i would be so lost, mad respect like usual kon! x
Ethan Garbutt
Ethan Garbutt Pred letom
7:15 speeding up the frame rate, try doing the opposite it could give it a cool effect on the rap sections.
Konstantin Pred letom
I did that for my disstrack 🤣
Medet Askar
Medet Askar Pred letom
Почему ты живешь не в россии
Mithusan Pred letom
Keep doing these type of videos
MrGim Pred letom
Great tips! Very cool..
Dsohal04 Pred letom
What gcses and a levels did you do as I'm seeing that it's very hard to find a course for just editing Btw I'm in year 10 and take business studies and graphics for my gcses
Mirrorless Pred letom
I don't think that I am the only one who wants to see more of these like sidemen Sundays when he films them
lake Pred letom
loved this video. thank you for making it
ImxFrosty Pred letom
Wait, how long did it take to edit?
Cole Logan
Cole Logan Pred letom
if you turn on captions, when he said "hi how are things in russian", the captions says believe me abudullah... dk why but that made me laugh
notQuad Pred letom
Summary: Konstantine is a legend
Adam Danesh
Adam Danesh Pred letom
Kon has such a creative mindset it’s what makes him a great director
Will Pred letom
video starts at 1:50, thanks me later
Creedy Pred letom
Amazing edit keep up the good work
JakeyNomad Pred letom
Is there a particular picture profile you prefer? :)
Willow Street
Willow Street Pred letom
Love you and your hard work Kon
دحمي DHME
دحمي DHME Pred letom
You are a legend
Asian Boy
Asian Boy Pred letom
Wow 😮 Amazing man!!👍 I love your work!! 😄😄😄☺😊☺
The Real Trending Page
If he paid you you are a scammer
Ryan Cruz
Ryan Cruz Pred letom
Excellent vid I hope this is a start to a series. I just began college for animation so any professional tips tricks and personal niches are GREATLY APPRECIATED
Михаил Мерзликин
У меня все хорошо. А у тебя как жизнь?
Curious Cat
Curious Cat Pred letom
Kon, about the issue with the no sound recording. Wouldn´t it solve the problem (in a rather cheap way), to have someone recording the sound in some other device (whatever is handy) and at the beggining of each take do some clapping in front of the camera so you know where to sync on the program. I think this would save a ton of time on the guessing and it´s not that hard to implement on your working routine. And great video, very helpful!
Draven Fajingler
Draven Fajingler Pred letom
Kon- A tired and impressively dedicated student to his skill.
Bxbblegum Pred letom
Please do more edit breakdowns!
3battle Pred letom
Крутое видео мой русский друг. От куда ты из России?
MAVERICK 42 Pred letom
Maybe make a video on which companies you use to help in the production of a music video, Such as the company who supplied the cameras, jibs, Lights, Props, Catering etc.
D One
D One Pred letom
My head works in a completely different way, my editing technique is quite different ;p
MegaJuned123 Pred letom
Have you tried editing on Avid it’s supposed to be industry standard and “helps” with work flow I still prefer premiere
SM7Playz Pred letom
So many underrated skills
RogueAssassin Pred letom
I’m also editing my videos in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Ambroreignllins Guy HD
Maaan you are a LEGEND Btw I Also do editing but not compared to this 😐😂
Matthew Clark
Matthew Clark Pred letom
Really enjoyed this!
its Viibes
its Viibes Pred letom
Great video, love your insights in the post production process
MAVERICK 42 Pred letom
More editing and behind the scenes videos please.
Got a tip for you when shooting with arri or red, export a video of the song with timecode. Put it on your phone and use it as a film slate and playback
Konstantin Pred letom
Good shout
Dance Battles
Dance Battles Pred letom
Jordi Fox
Jordi Fox Pred letom
Amazing video man!
JAYCE Pred letom
The amount of respect I have for this mans editing XD I know how hard it is first hand man. it'll be the death of me XD
Saskiyahhh V
Saskiyahhh V Pred letom
*I have no interest for video editing or directing but I love how passionate you are so I watched this 12mi vid without breathing lol and I don't even know why I did. Keep up the good work Kon. Can't wait to see what you have planned next!* 💯👌🏼
Aness Khaled
Aness Khaled Pred letom
Konstantin: how much red tinge do you want? KSI: Yes
Sebastian Gonzalez Schwidrowski
Konstantin! Next time you do this, make sure you have a clapperboard and an external microphone, that way, you can make sure you either have a microphone that can either be connected with the Red Camera (I dont know how these cameras work) or a microphone that saves audio files. That way you can just edit the clip with the audio without having to lip read! have a good one!
Konstantin Pred letom
I shot a lot on 50fps so I can speedramp. Am I right in thinking red and arris don’t record audio tracks anything above 25fps???
Cristiano Ronaldo
CitrineSimmer Pred letom
Honestly, your work is so great! It would be exciting too see you direct a proper movie one day, it would be so sick!
The BandiCrew
The BandiCrew Pred letom
I'm HUGELY into editing, filmmaking and directing and this video is brilliant in the way that you’re able to throw in both basic and complex terminology to talk about the process. Keep it up mate!!
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