Kon - Stephen Little (Deji’s Cameraman Diss Track) Official Video 

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12. dec. 2018

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Stephen Scully
Stephen Scully Pred 2 urami
When is your next song
Lucy Lane
Lucy Lane Pred dnevom
I'm playing this at my funeral
Undertale FanBoy
Undertale FanBoy Pred dnevom
This is the best Diss track ever released
Jayzion Mcinnis
Jayzion Mcinnis Pred 2 dnevi
Someone tell me what instrumental this is
シcreature Pred 4 dnevi
gintoki's wife
gintoki's wife Pred 5 dnevi
2020 and still a bop
TheGermanJuvie Pred 7 dnevi
Back when life was good...
Diamond Ortiz
Diamond Ortiz Pred 13 dnevi
This was such of a meme of a song
david ramos
david ramos Pred 14 dnevi
That suck
BHunterA06 Pred 15 dnevi
Camera man vs camera man be like
BHunterA06 Pred 15 dnevi
I think I speak for everyone when I say this is better than jallows track
Connor Harrison
Connor Harrison Pred 15 dnevi
This video lives in my head rent free
Notorious DOG
Notorious DOG Pred 15 dnevi
You look like the alien from men in black😂😂howling
Young Beast07
Young Beast07 Pred 22 dnevi
Anyone else here on the 28th September 2020 also kon is the best.
Elaw13 Pred 23 dnevi
verses were good hook wasnt so great
ikonix_ wavyy 99
ikonix_ wavyy 99 Pred 24 dnevi
Bars and editing were sick
KJay Pred 24 dnevi
This sounds better than jake Paul's music rn
Jensen Gadenne
Jensen Gadenne Pred 26 dnevi
Great beat lol
Jammie2312 Pred 29 dnevi
Who’s still listening to this in 2020?
Chicken Noodle soup
Chicken Noodle soup Pred mesecem
This still fire no matter what
Lil Kenuthia
Lil Kenuthia Pred mesecem
Hakeem A
Hakeem A Pred mesecem
Sick Diss track
johan james
johan james Pred mesecem
1:37 creative with the karaoke
gache boy
gache boy Pred mesecem
I feel like a king when I listen to this song
Andres Pineda
Andres Pineda Pred mesecem
Idk why i actually like this song 😂
Sayed El Sherif
Sayed El Sherif Pred mesecem
12-9-2020 Kon: You're not a badman fam Me: you're deji's camerman. 🎵🎵🎵🎵
Wayne Couch
Wayne Couch Pred mesecem
Rob Pred mesecem
From the whole season this is still my favourite track ngl
Jack_Tho Pred mesecem
Danny Menter
Danny Menter Pred mesecem
susBoy Pred mesecem
Who else is bored during quarantine?
susBoy Pred mesecem
@Mushrooms423 oh lol
Mushrooms423 Pred mesecem
@susBoy it's at the top of newest first
susBoy Pred mesecem
@Mushrooms423 lol some1 actually scrolled further enough to find my comment u must be bored and ik its basically over
Mushrooms423 Pred mesecem
Quarantine is basically over.
Ioan Williams
Ioan Williams Pred mesecem
When you back in 2020, and still think it's the best disstrack
Vaibhav Thalanki
Vaibhav Thalanki Pred mesecem
Watch asian jake paul by Idubbbz Targeted at ricegum PewDiePie's in it
max Pred mesecem
Surely not just me who has this stuck in their head still? 😂😂
sauceie wept
sauceie wept Pred mesecem
2:05 got me there😂
Devolante Pred mesecem
Actually really good 👍
Nico Baur
Nico Baur Pred mesecem
I can't the your mit a bad man fam your dejis cameraman out of my head it's been way to long
Harvey Overson
Harvey Overson Pred mesecem
Best diss track I’ve heard straight bar’s
Watson Here
Watson Here Pred mesecem
Yeah kon was right the song ain’t the best but editing is so good
Kyle Mclaughlin
Kyle Mclaughlin Pred mesecem
been stuck in my head for 2 years
Mads5sos Pred mesecem
its been TIME and i still have ‘you’re not a badman fam’ stuck in my head help
シAbdigani Pred mesecem
Sweaty Spgti0
Sweaty Spgti0 Pred mesecem
tcho blyat why havent i heard this before
Steven Kielsen
Steven Kielsen Pred mesecem
Would like but it is on 117.420
Zero Deaths
Zero Deaths Pred mesecem
Really? A filming guy making a disstrack?
royale Pred mesecem
Patrick Medek
Patrick Medek Pred mesecem
It’s fun to make a diss track even though you’re not a rapper 😂 Inspired me to make my own diss track as a joke just for the fun of it 😎
Joe Stainson
Joe Stainson Pred mesecem
2020 here to listen to this banger
Matty Is Ginger
Matty Is Ginger Pred mesecem
This song reminds me of christmas because I heard it on Christmas day and it's great
get me to 1K please
get me to 1K please Pred mesecem
This is still a catchy meme
Bijan M
Bijan M Pred mesecem
This is the best diss track of the century
M4H1R 325
M4H1R 325 Pred mesecem
Who still comes back to this
Jash Kumar
Jash Kumar Pred mesecem
Steven 1ne2wo
Steven 1ne2wo Pred 2 meseci
Ngl kon is a lot better Dan Randolph
Official George TV
Official George TV Pred 2 meseci
Hahaha nice flow bro 💯💯💯
Hhggg Oieidj
Hhggg Oieidj Pred 2 meseci
More like lookin like a discount faze jarvis
The wanktards
The wanktards Pred 2 meseci
Don’t rhyme
Donutxz Pred 2 meseci
1.5 speed is better
Jeevan Atwal
Jeevan Atwal Pred 2 meseci
just me who got this recommended in lockdown 😅
Cillian Power
Cillian Power Pred 2 meseci
The flow isn't great but his words are so good Partly because their true
ThatCrumpet Pred 2 meseci
Vibing to this at 1 am
Tamer Ali-Osman
Tamer Ali-Osman Pred 2 meseci
*It’s* *been* *a* *year* *and* *I* *still* *vibe* *to* *this*
Ganterz Pred mesecem
Almost 2 years*
chill gamer squad channel
TAFTalishous Pred mesecem
The wanktards
The wanktards Pred 2 meseci
Aerioc Pred 2 meseci
oy where'd the music go i'm not done yet bruh.
Amelie Block
Amelie Block Pred 2 meseci
Its been basically 2 years and i still know every single word ❤️
Zelci Pred 2 meseci
2 years and this is still sick and i know the lyrics while popping my head to it !
Imaad IDK
Imaad IDK Pred 2 meseci
This is the most Ikon-ic song, see...wh...at i d..did there?
ClawedLion97983 Lion97983
I miss this
Tilfreds Pred 2 meseci
3 mil views ? I’ve watched this at least 10 mil times
DreTheMadness Pred 2 meseci
Me all the time to someone I'm beefing: yOuR n0t a baDmAn fam wHy.....
spwite Pred 2 meseci
KSI And Deji undercard lol
Jude Major
Jude Major Pred 2 meseci
Best around
Coookie is Phycho
Coookie is Phycho Pred 2 meseci
Alright 5/10 no hate
ㄒ卄ㄖ爪卂丂 Pred 2 meseci
Russia in its finest
Seth Wilkinson
Seth Wilkinson Pred 2 meseci
King u killed it 🔥🔥🥶
Jessica Pred 2 meseci
This song is suck in my head through the whole of quarantine and i sing it everyday!
Will Lapworth
Will Lapworth Pred 2 meseci
same its too catchy XD
Kristopher Nicholl
Kristopher Nicholl Pred 2 meseci
This is actually the best diss track from the disstrack season and no one can change my mind. Still know all the lyrics to this day haha
kai tha simp
kai tha simp Pred 2 meseci
Whos this irrelevant ass guy dissin sidemen
Crispy Cookie
Crispy Cookie Pred mesecem
When was dejis cameraman part of the sidemen?
thefizzydude Pred 2 meseci
You're genuinely a mong
Paraic Bonner
Paraic Bonner Pred 2 meseci
Tagger Pred 2 meseci
It's been almost 2 yrs now , and I still know the lyrics 😂
Nvghtmare_ Pred 2 meseci
Kon do u still like our comments after a year and a bit
Shannon Naisbitt
Shannon Naisbitt Pred 2 meseci
I love it
ClassOnGrass Pred 2 meseci
Why does kon in the thumbnail look like a Russian mafia member😂
Czar Kunder
Czar Kunder Pred 2 meseci
bro i cant get this song out of my head. I keep on saying, you're not a badman fam. You're dejis camera man again and again
crystalzz fredz
crystalzz fredz Pred 2 meseci
He still hearts his comments
dil khan
dil khan Pred 2 meseci
Still a banger
bot hunter 0
bot hunter 0 Pred 2 meseci
Just, catchy
Hazem Eldelebshany
Hazem Eldelebshany Pred 2 meseci
But the real question is... are you a Badman fam
Mushrooms423 Pred 2 meseci
Just listening to all the disstrack, I still remember all the lyircs😂
ZX ItZ j crafts XZ
ZX ItZ j crafts XZ Pred 2 meseci
Lookin like a discount an Tracy loool
Sandro Chak
Sandro Chak Pred 2 meseci
Love this song ❤️
DoctorMcMonter Pred 2 meseci
I would have loved to hear some russian rapping ngl
DarkDestroyerGaming Pred 2 meseci
Watching during lockdown
Harry Pinches
Harry Pinches Pred 2 meseci
This is the second best diss track in the world
Hazem Eldelebshany
Hazem Eldelebshany Pred 2 meseci
crystalzz fredz
crystalzz fredz Pred 3 meseci
I can rember all the words after a year
wyccn Pred 3 meseci
2020 distrack season ??? Maybe
Almyle 503
Almyle 503 Pred 3 meseci
1:19 Where’s the light? And the music? I’m not finished.
finster231 games
finster231 games Pred 3 meseci
He said little boy more than ksi in little boy
Alfie Colborne
Alfie Colborne Pred 3 meseci
Umme Qazi
Umme Qazi Pred 3 meseci
I need a budget... 2 pounds?
Eli Midgley
Eli Midgley Pred 3 meseci
His bar about AJ TRACEY has been in my instagram bio since he dropped this track 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️
H13_Playzzz Pred 3 meseci
1 and a half years and I still know all the lyrics
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