Naroči 908 tis.
I lost my air pods twice and I'm pretty good with the camera.
WEBSITE 👉 www.ikonfilms.co.uk/
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Benjer Pred 56 minutami
Kon video > sidemen video
Unknown Ykftp
Unknown Ykftp Pred uro
Imagine he hearts this comment that would be crazy 🤩
Thuhij Haque
Thuhij Haque Pred uro
The Behindmen are elite
Luis LuLu 2.0
Luis LuLu 2.0 Pred uro
Man like Kon! 🙏🏻
Mayank Tewari
Mayank Tewari Pred uro
8:40 Thats how we get big arms
E Pred uro
Watching a inverted video while I turn my inverted thing on
OffWhite Offense
Does anyone else not understand filming but loves watching it cause why not
FERHINO Pred 2 urami
I love how the team and the sidemen don’t just finish their video and leave but they interact, and this must be why they’re productive together💪🏽
DavidsNoMotoVlogg Pred 2 urami
I was like at first wait you got the wrong black guy and then I was like Oh I see! Kon is not a rascit then! But now I like look a rasict!
Trameegle Pred 2 urami
What were they all opening in the last couple of seconds of the vid??
hmm Pred 2 urami
"This could be me but you playin" Deji: first time?
Trameegle Pred 2 urami
What were they all opening at the end??
Noor Nagra
Noor Nagra Pred 2 urami
Kon is goated
sadiose Pred 2 urami
Finessed 👌
Ayomide George
Ayomide George Pred 2 urami
Swear he’s born in June tho 🤣
dank_chris Pred 2 urami
Marty Jackson
Marty Jackson Pred 2 urami
Really enjoy your content dude
coochie man
coochie man Pred 3 urami
I knew it wasnt his bday cause his bday is the same as mine 19 june
AxTech Pred 3 urami
You should make a channel specifically for the "nerd stuff"
distance between stars
Wow ksi has the same birthday as my mum
Luke Smith
Luke Smith Pred 3 urami
Ayyy zach djelab from football daily😍
ZosimoFPS Pred 3 urami
Here before Kon hits 1 mill
CrayCray Mose
CrayCray Mose Pred 3 urami
Tharsan J
Tharsan J Pred 3 urami
lit ep.
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds Pred 4 urami
These videos are so under rated I like them a lot
Adem Kilinc
Adem Kilinc Pred 4 urami
Happy birthday Ksi
Moneeb Haj-Ali
Moneeb Haj-Ali Pred 4 urami
when the BTS is more entertaining than the main vid lol
Calvin Sebastïan
Calvin Sebastïan Pred 4 urami
Sidemen are so caring for their team ❤️
Purpose Pred 4 urami
hpy bdy bro
Trace 01
Trace 01 Pred 4 urami
Hey Kon I would love it if you could do a video on how to edit videos. Your videos are banging btw, keep it up!
Kali Zaib
Kali Zaib Pred 4 urami
Kon you should change your vlogging camera plssssssss
Jayden 801
Jayden 801 Pred 4 urami
KonShorts Pred 4 urami
I now have a shorts channel :)
Ruchunsinle Tep
Spicy Bee
Spicy Bee Pred uro
@Berdan Yurtsever shut up
Berdan Yurtsever
who asked
Spicy Bee
Spicy Bee Pred 2 urami
Toes channel?? 🤨🤨
dylannn Pred 2 urami
Wow konstantin short clips are op
elsbels 102
elsbels 102 Pred 4 urami
Just me that thinks James resembles a modern Austin powers??
DaddyFung Pred 4 urami
im never getting those 10 mins back😭
RH1 Pred 4 urami
Kon is literally now the good version of WWEs Kevin Dunn with the live camera switching
Ilker Pinto
Ilker Pinto Pred 4 urami
Ilker Pinto
Ilker Pinto Pred 4 urami
I believe that kon is making BREAD
Tony Ramirez
Tony Ramirez Pred 4 urami
so time-lapse aren’t just sped up recording but thousands of pictures
Parqs Pred 5 urami
sidemen museum ?
kibbetto Pred 5 urami
No notification again. 3 vids in a row wtf youtube
Roko Gucić
Roko Gucić Pred 5 urami
5:10 the bluest eyes!
Ben DaFili
Ben DaFili Pred 5 urami
The gear and equipment in this is a dream. Soon come 🔥🔥🔥
Trogl1p Pred 5 urami
Ur type content isn't what id usually watch but its actually really entertaining and I end up watching the whole video. Nice work man!
MrLavenhart Pred 5 urami
8:46 BOOBA
n H
n H Pred 5 urami
The end part was funny😭
LK-R Pred 5 urami
I just remembered it isnt even JJ's birthdat cuz its the same day as my brothers birthday June 19th...
Apocalypse Pred 5 urami
That cake got trolled 😐
Luke Munden2424
Luke Munden2424 Pred 5 urami
Come on KON nearly at 1 MILLLYYYY let’s go man💪🏼keep up the vids love them
Magician 10
Magician 10 Pred 5 urami
The camera crew are the sidesidemen
R33C3_ 22
R33C3_ 22 Pred 5 urami
Wish I had Kons job ;(
Seymo Pred 5 urami
Isn't his b-day in july tho?
ibrahim amin
ibrahim amin Pred 5 urami
Wow So much talent Kon Keep it up
Armaan Martins
Armaan Martins Pred 6 urami
Watching kon’s bts makes me realise how many videos they film at this place
Daniel.T _
Daniel.T _ Pred 6 urami
Well I know I share JJs birthday.. 19th June 😌
DiyaCake Pred 6 urami
Haha I was like Jj's birthday is 19 June, what is Kon saying to 😂
robin robin
robin robin Pred 6 urami
Gamer Xd
Gamer Xd Pred 6 urami
at the beginning I said to myself Mum I want KSI Mum: we got KSI at home KSI at home:
Isaac Morgans
Isaac Morgans Pred 6 urami
I clicked on this cause I was like wait...me and JJ have the same bday on June 19th.....
Dario Fortunato
Dario Fortunato Pred 3 urami
Happy Birthday Bud!
Dan Stack
Dan Stack Pred 6 urami
Anymore house renovation videos?
Dan Stack
Dan Stack Pred 5 urami
@Konstantin cant wait💯🎉
Konstantin Pred 5 urami
Yup I’m working on my office set up next
Lucas Trader
Lucas Trader Pred 6 urami
Huh JJ birthday is on June 19th
Anita Klūga
Anita Klūga Pred 6 urami
AakifslayerV2 Pred 6 urami
Zack is sad :(
sniberlegend Pred 6 urami
Aww man why his birthday actually on june 19, i thought ours was clkse mines after tmro(may 11)
Not Aryan
Not Aryan Pred 4 urami
Happy birthday in advance
Vinni B10
Vinni B10 Pred 6 urami
INXANE GAMING Pred 6 urami
Isnt JJs birthday in June or July?
sss sss
sss sss Pred 6 urami
plot twist: it was actually ksi's birthday but the other guy wanted another one
Harvey Clips
Harvey Clips Pred 6 urami
When the camera/setup crew is just as entertaining as the sidemen love to see it 👌🏾
Nikhil B Mohan
Nikhil B Mohan Pred 6 urami
Kon....... Why man 😂😂😂
Nikhil B Mohan
Nikhil B Mohan Pred 6 urami
Kon....... Why man 😂😂😂
KG Productions
KG Productions Pred 6 urami
Looks like Kon got konned
Nikhil B Mohan
Nikhil B Mohan Pred 6 urami
Kon....... Why man
Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta Pred 6 urami
Pushing the algorithm, that's all.
Jack Hudson
Jack Hudson Pred 6 urami
10 days too early
penoba Pred 6 urami
That bear shirt new is 600 euros....m8
Josh Newbury
Josh Newbury Pred 6 urami
when i thought ksi had the same birthday as me (today lol)
KingD Pred 7 urami
Mans taken the davidso background music iykyk 😂
MEHRAN. Hassani.
MEHRAN. Hassani. Pred 7 urami
Ayo its my birthday today aswell
Lew Mar
Lew Mar Pred 7 urami
Your such a talent, sidemen videos would not work without you
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Zlatan Ibrahimovic Pred 7 urami
9:58 Lukaku🤨
Adithya Menon
Adithya Menon Pred 7 urami
Wholesome af!